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The Best Cycling Navigation Apps

Cycling navigation

Smartphones have become increasingly popular in all walks of life, so it’s perhaps inevitable that cycling enthusiasts have found a use for them while pedalling. One of the most popular uses for a phone when cycling is navigating and route planning – that’s why we’ve done our research to bring you the best cycling navigation…

Lizzie Deignan: EXCLUSIVE Winter and Christmas Q&A


How does a champion cyclist spend their off-season? We caught up with Commonwealth champion and Cycleplan ambassador Lizzie Deignan to find out!   Winter Training Do you ever look back and review your season after it’s finished, or is it counter-productive? I definitely look backwards to go forwards. I’ve recently been looking at my performance…

Cycling Bags for your Christmas List

Cycling bags

Not many activities test a bag like cycling. Cycling bags have to distribute weight evenly, protect your gear from weather and road grit, and stay comfortable while you’re moving. The growing number of cyclists on the road means that more and more cycling bags are being thoughtfully-designed. We’ve picked out our favourites that are on…

5 of the Best Cycling Holidays

Cycling holidays

What could be more enjoyable than going on holiday? For us cycling enthusiasts, a holiday centred around cycling of course! We’ve chosen our 5 best cycling holidays, all of which are all geared towards maximum enjoyment and contain nothing too strenuous. After all, it is a holiday! 1. Prague to Budapest: Cuisine, Culture, and Beer…

5 Cycling Must-Haves to Brighten up your Winter


With winter drawing in and the darkness falling earlier each day, it’s easy to lose a little bit of the love you have for your bicycle. Of course, a solid winter bike, warm clothing, and bike lights can all help to improve your winter riding experience. However, sometimes you need a little extra boost to…

The Craziest Cycling Guinness World Records

World records

From the ‘tallest mohawk’ to the ‘longest handshake’, there’s pretty much a world record for everything and cycling is no different. We’ve collected our 5 favourite weird and wonderful cycling world records for you to enjoy – we don’t fancy our chances at beating any of them though… 1. The longest bicycle in the world…

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