Why should you insure your bike with us?

To understand why you should cover your bike with Cycleplan watch our short video now.

Theft and accidental damage up to £30,000
We’ll even cover the bike if the incident happens when the bike is being used by an immediate family member who permanently lives with you

Personal Accident
Our cycling insurance provides personal accident cover for death or permanent disability, putting you at ease should you happen to fall off and seriously injure yourself. But it also provides financial compensation if you were to break or fracture certain bones or required emergency dental work.

Insure multiple bikes and accessories on one policy
If you have more than one bike, we’ve made it easy for you to insure them all on one policy

Up to £5m public liability cover
If you injure another road user, pedestrian or property when out riding, this will help cover any costs you may be obliged to payout

Build your own bespoke policy
Our flexible insurance allows you to pick and choose your policy options, so you only pay for the cover you need

Lowest price guarantee
We are confident you won't find another policy that closely matches your needs, for a lower price. So should you take out a policy and within 14 days find the same levels of cover elsewhere for less we'll refund the difference

No extra charge if you live in a city
If you live in a highly populated area, we won’t charge you extra for insuring with us, unlike many of our competitors.
Note: Excludes London and Manchester postcodes

No premium penalty following a claim
If you are unfortunate enough to suffer a loss and have to make a claim then we won’t penalise you upon your next renewal

UK customer service
A UK-based knowledgeable customer service team are on-hand to answer any questions you may have


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