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Folding Bike Insurance

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Why do I need Folding Bike Insurance?

Want to get involved in cycling and improve your fitness at the same time? Riding a folding bike to work is the perfect way to do both. Not to mention the simplicity of carrying it around the city or in the boot of your car.

Folding bikes have exploded in popularity over recent years, especially for those in and around busy city centres. Foldable bikes are ideal for commuters, since unlike full-size bikes, they’re both light and compact – making transporting them between rides much easier.

Either pedal to your local station or bus stop from home, fold it up and get on – or if rush hour is unbearably busy – just cycle to work directly! The crucial thing to remember, though, is to be safely protected at every stage of your journey. That’s where Cycleplan come in.

Here’s why you should consider Cycleplan’s specialist folding bike insurance:

Keep your investment safe

As the majority of folding bikes cost upwards of a grand, they are increasingly sought-after by cycle thieves. While most commuters look after their bike extremely well, you only need to look away for a moment and it can be gone without warning.

With our folding bike insurance, you’re covered if it gets stolen – as long as it’s secured with an approved lock to an immovable object. Read more here about how to securely lock your bike.

House insurance warning

Don’t rely on your house contents insurance, as it’s likely that your folding bike isn’t covered – especially when you’re out and about. Research by comparison site GoCompare showed that one in three household policies do not cover bikes away from the home. What’s more, you may have to contact your house insurer to add on your folding bike, at an extra cost. With Cycleplan’s simple specialist cycle insurance, you’ll have peace of mind that your bike is covered both home and away.

Damage to expensive parts can be costly

Folding bikes are specialist pieces of kit. Repairing or replacing stolen and damaged parts can not only be a hassle, but costly as well. Groupsets, for instance, can often cost anywhere between £300 and £500 for a folding bike.

Protection if you’re to blame

Folding bikes are perfect for getting around congested towns and cities, but from time to time accidents can and do happen. From injuring another cyclist, colliding with a pedestrian or damaging a car – it pays to be protected.

Our folding bike insurance will give you peace of mind as it can include Public Liability insurance up to £5m should you cause any third party injury or damage to property. If the worst happens, costs can rapidly escalate, making Public Liability cover essential.

Cover if you get injured

Your own safety is essential too. While our folding bike insurance won’t reduce the risk of injury, it can put your mind at rest. If you are involved in a collision, you can be insured if the accident results in an injury, permanent disability, or even death.

Insure all your bikes on one policy

The chances are, if you own a folding bike, you probably own another bike too. Cycleplan makes insuring multiple bikes extremely easy, as you can cover all of them on the one policy.

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