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Commuter Bike Insurance

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Why do I need Commuter Bike Insurance?

According to ROSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) the most dangerous hours for cyclists are the commuting hours, 8 - 9am then 3-6pm. And around 75% of fatal or serious cycling accidents occur in urban areas. Given the statistics, it makes sense that commuters by bicycle, particularly in urban areas, take out cycling insurance.

As a daily cycling commuter, you ride your bikes more than the average bike rider and weekend warrior - although perhaps for not as long. The more you ride, the more risks there are of accidents occurring, which is a worry.

Insuring your commuter bike, your kit and yourself, will give you peace of mind each day as you ride to and from work. Here’s why you should take out our cycling commuter insurance:

Damage to your bike

As a cycling commuter, you are all too aware of the dangers when riding through rush hour. Streets are heavily congested and the majority of other road users can be somewhat stressed as they make their way to and from work.

If you are involved in a collision with a fellow cyclist, pedestrian or a car, our cycling commuter insurance will cover you for accidental damage, covering the cost of bike repairs or a replacement. Remember, if your bike is your only form of transport to get you to work and back, it’s important that it can be fixed or replaced should it get damaged.

Damage to your accessories

Unlike the fair-weather cyclist who can choose to stay in should the weather take a turn for the worse, you aren’t in such a position. Your job doesn’t care if your bike commute is wet and cold, which is why you need the best wet-weather gear, mudguards and bike lights.

By choosing our bicycle accessory insurance option, you can make a claim for accidental damage to your clothing, mudguards, lights or other equipment.

Bike Theft

While a lot of companies now provide a secure lock up for your bike, many still don’t or fail to provide a facility that is secure enough. Every day you leave your bike locked up outside a train station or to what you think is a fairly secure object, you are risking your bike being stolen, which can add unwanted stress to your day.

By using an approved lock, you ensure you are covered by our cycling insurance. This means we will be on hand to assist you if your bike or equipment is stolen.

Protection if you’re to blame

Whether you’re riding to work through the city, winding through country lanes, or taking the quiet one-way road home, you will encounter other cyclists, car drivers and road users.

Having cover for public liability will put you at ease should you happen to knock into another person, or cause damage to someone’s property. Our cycling commuter insurance will cover you for public liability up to £5m.

Cover if you get seriously injured

Your health and safety is priority but despite taking the proper precautions, sadly accidents can still happen. With our personal accident cover, if unfortunately you are one of the 19,000 cyclists either killed or seriously injured on British roads each year, you will be covered.

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