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Why do I need BMX insurance?

BMX riding is a thrill like no other. It’s fast paced, aggressive, and will test your bike handling skills, strength, nerve and creativity to its limits. Whether you’re performing flips, jumps and spins on the street, park, vert, trails or flatland, it’s important you are prepared should an accident arise.

Insuring your bike, your kit, and yourself will free you from the worry every time you go out and ride. Here are five good reasons why you should consider our specialist BMX insurance:

Damage to your BMX

It’s really important that you have trust in your BMX. You are pushing every element and component of your bike to the max. When performing flips and jumps you need to have faith that your bike can handle what you are throwing at it.

If you happen to damage it, which isn’t a hard thing to do in such an aggressive sport as BMX, you need to get it sorted straight away. But a lot of riders don’t, either choosing to ignore it, or simply because they can’t afford to fix it.

Any BMX with a fault has the potential to cause serious accidents. If you damage your bike, our BMX insurance will cover you for accidental damage, including the cost of bike repairs or a replacement.

Look after your kit

BMX is an aggressive sport. It’s also dangerous which is why you should wear a full face helmet and gloves at all times. Other items such as knee and arm pads aren’t essential, but it’s a good idea to wear them, as accidents can happen.

However, this type of clothing doesn’t come cheap and can cost a lot of money to be replaced. If you do crack your helmet, tear your gloves, or break your arm and knee pads because of an accident, you can make a claim through our BMX accessories insurance.

Cover if you get insured

Even with all the correct protection, sometimes it won’t be enough to prevent injuries. Broken bones, dislocations, cuts and bruises are common injuries in the BMX world. With our personal accident cover you will be insured if the accident results in your death or a permanent disability.

Personal accident cover

Our cycling insurance provides personal accident cover for death or permanent disability, should you happen to fall off and seriously injure yourself. But it also provides financial compensation if you were to break or fracture certain bones or required emergency dental work.

Bike theft

BMX bikes are light, small and easy to shift. This makes them easy pickings for bike thieves. Don’t assume your bike is covered by your home insurance. Many household policies do not cover bikes away from the home.

If you are concerned about your bike, or parts of it, being stolen, provided it’s locked in a sensible place and correctly using an approved lock, you will be covered with our BMX insurance. It’s our standard policy to provide you with a brand new bike if your stolen bike was purchased new and is up to three years old. For a bike over three years old, or not new when you bought it, we naturally take into consideration wear and tear when fulfilling your claim.

Cover all your bikes on one policy

If you happen to have a number of BMX bikes, or perhaps a hybrid bike to get you around town, you needn’t worry about multiple insurance policies for each bike. Our one policy covers all your bikes.

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