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Public Liability Insurance

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Everyone knows about the potential risks when you ride your bike, especially along public roads. But what if you have an accident while cycling and are held responsible? You could face a massive bill for damages that you might not be able to afford.

This is where Public Liability insurance comes in. Our specialist cover will protect you should the worst happen. That way, you can have peace of mind whenever you’re on your bike.

What is Public Liability insurance for cyclists?

Public Liability insurance covers you for incidents that occur while you’re on your bike that may result in damage to third-party property or injure another person.

For example, you may accidentally cause damage to a car you’re passing, or fail to spot someone walking out in front of you and hit them. In such instances, you could end up facing large financial penalties. However, with Public Liability insurance, you’ll be protected against such costs if you’re deemed liable.

Why do cyclists need Public Liability Insurance?

Public Liability insurance is essential if you want to protect yourself while you’re cycling on the roads. Even if you consider yourself a very careful cyclist, there’s always the risk of having an accident. If you get caught up in an accident that’s considered your fault, you could face a hefty bill for any damage you’ve done to a third parties’ property or even personal injury.

Take the example of Robert Hazeldean, who knocked over a yoga teacher after she stepped out into the road while looking at her mobile phone. He faced bankruptcy because he didn’t have Public Liability insurance at the time of the crash and was only able to pay for legal costs thanks to a crowdfunding initiative set up by a friend.

This case shows why Public Liability insurance is essential. With this cover, you’ll be covered for potential defence costs and compensation should such an incident occur. At the end of the day, being uninsured is not a risk you want to take.

How much Public Liability insurance do cyclists need?

Our policy can be designed to suit your needs. Our Public Liability insurance for cyclists ranges from £1m to £5m, and you can choose the option you feel suits your circumstances best.

Why get Public Liability insurance with Cycleplan?

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