Insurance Approved Locks

In the unfortunate event that your bicycle is stolen it is a requirement of the cycling insurance policy that it was secured using the appropriate “Sold Secure” lock or Thatcham approved lock.

Thatcham approved locks can be used to secure bikes up to the value of £1,500 only.

Sold Secure test and rate bicycle locks which are sold in Britain. The locks are graded Bronze, Silver & Gold dependent on the length of time it would take someone to break the lock.

Bicycle ValueMinimum Sold Secure
Lock Rating
Under £500Bronze
Under £1,000Silver
Over £1,000Gold

For further information on approved Sold Secure locks visit:

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Top 3 tips from Cycleplan on bike security

1. Think about where you leave it

Bicycle thieves are more often than not opportunistic – they see a bike without a lock and just grab it. So always lock your bike where you leave it, even if it’s still in your eyesight, as it only takes seconds to steal.

Don’t leave your bike in an isolated spot. Ideally it should be left in a place which is well-lit with plenty of passers-by. This may sound obvious, but always lock your bicycle to an immovable object.

As well as locking your bike when you are out and about, be sure to lock it when you are at home. Also be aware when you come back from a ride. It’s not uncommon to simply prop your bike against a wall while you pop inside to get a drink or answer the phone. This makes your bike vulnerable and it’s not unknown for thieves to take bikes from driveways and gardens. Make sure you always lock it up in a secure garage or shed.

2. Invest in the best lock

Invest in the best lock you can afford. What’s the point of spending £1000 on a bicycle only to secure it with a cheap lock? It doesn’t make sense. When purchasing a lock, ensure you get a rated Sold Secure lock dependent on your bicycle value. This will ensure that any specialist cycle insurance you take out is valid.

And remember to lock both the frame and the wheel, and take any small accessories with you.

3. Take out specialist cycle insurance

If all the above fails and you unfortunately have your bike stolen, if you’ve taken out specialist cycle insurance with a company like Cycleplan you will have peace of mind that your bike will be replaced and you’ll be back in the saddle in no time.

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