5 Gift Ideas For Your Cycling Mad Dad

With Father’s day this coming Sunday (21st June, don’t forget!), we thought we’d bring all you last minute shoppers a few ideas some of the best gifts out there for your cycling mad Dads!

1.    On-helmet camera

On-helmets cameras are becoming more and more frequently used by all types of cyclists recently, as many see it as a safety net to fall back on should they be involved in an accident, where without it becomes your word against the drivers.

It is quite likely when an unfortunate accident happens that there is no witness around to back up your opinion that the driver was in the wrong. Of course however, you may just want to record wonderful footage of your most recent ride.

The quality now on these HD cameras is phenomenal and as they’re now highly affordable, this could be the best gift your Father ever receives!

2.     Gold rated Sold Secure bike lock

If your Dad hasn’t already got himself a gold rated sold secure bike lock, then you’re in luck. You now have the chance to save your Dad’s bike! We recommend that any bike cherished by its owner should have a gold rated sold secure lock.

Here are five top tips on buying the best bike lock.


3. Essentials case

When out on a ride you are always short of pockets for those essential items that you have to bring out with you on rides - phone, money, bank card, puncture repair kit, spare inner tube, the list goes on and on.

A small case that can house most, if not all of these items would be a highly beneficial Father’s day gift for any cycling enthusiastic Dad.


4. Cycling magazine annual subscription

Cycling isn’t just about doing it, it can be enjoyable to read all about the latest trends, machinery and venues for your two wheels in the form of a magazine. Given this, how about annual subscription to one of the plethora of cycling publications?

The subscription could be a special gift for your Father, offering him a weekly insight into the cycling world. That’s not all, many print subscriptions come with digital versions to read on his tablet, meaning he can access his latest subscription from anywhere in the world!


5. A specialist cycling insurance policy

Why not give your Father the gift of riding his bike with complete peace of mind? cycleplan will cover you in the in the eventuality that his bike or accessories are stolen, lost or damaged. Its great value for money with a 20% off introductory discount and 0% APR on monthly payments, should you choose to pay monthly.

We also offer a no postcode premium penalty, meaning that whether your Father lives in a rural or urban area, the annual fee will be exactly the same.

Get an instant specialised cycle insurance quote today.