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Ride Abroad Hassle Free With Our Worldwide and European Cycle Insurance

Every year, thousands of cyclists head off around the world on cycling holidays. Many cyclists fly to southern Spain, training up and down the mountains in a bid to get fit for the summer; some prefer to go exploring on touring holidays around Italy, uncovering hidden gems that can only be accessed by bike; while others like to take it slow, on a relaxing break with family and friends around northern France.

Cycling holidays are fantastic fun, but they can also be stressful at times. Through our European and Worldwide bicycle insurance you can enjoy your trip even more without the worry.

Bike Theft

Bike theft is very common when cycling abroad, with many thieves specifically targeting those who go on cycling holidays. Cycling holiday goers are easy prey. By the time you’ve realised your bike has been stolen, managed to find the local police station and explained to them in broken English what has happened, the bike and the thief are long gone. Our cycling insurance covers your bikes for theft, providing it’s secured correctly with an approved lock.

Keep your bike secured

Remember, not all household insurance policies cover bike theft away from the home, so certainly won't when you’re holidaying abroad. When staying in accommodation such as villas or caravans, it’s important they are locked and secured properly. Find out more about the right type of approved lock. With our Worldwide and European cycle insurance, you can be rest assured that your bike is covered at all times, wherever you are.

Protection if you’re to blame

Training camps and touring holidays require a lot of riding, often in large groups, many of whom you may not be familiar with. It can be daunting riding with other people you don’t know, second-guessing their movements and actions. You need to know you are covered should you cause an accident e.g. injuring another cyclist or damaging their bike; causing injury to a pedestrian; or damaging a car. Our cycling insurance offers a public liability option which will cover you up to £5m.

Cover if you get injured

Our cycling insurance provides personal accident cover for death or permanent disability, should you happen to fall off and seriously injure yourself. But it also provides financial compensation if you were to break or fracture certain bones or required emergency dental work.

Competitive cover

Many cyclists are now going abroad for new challenges and are competing in a variety of events such as Alpine challenges and multi day amateur stage races. Through our Worldwide and European bicycle insurance, you’ll be covered, allowing you to compete, hassle and worry free, and to concentrate on nothing else apart from your performance.

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