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Mountain Bike Insurance

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Unlike other disciplines of cycling, mountain biking is a high impact sport and puts a lot of stress through your body and your bike - to the majority of those who regularly mountain bike, accidents are almost seen as an occupational hazard of the sport. But for those new to the sport, it can seem daunting. We want you to love mountain biking and not worry. Getting mountain bike insurance cover - for yourself, your bike and your kit - will give you peace of mind and let you hit those trails head on. Here are five good reasons why you should consider our mountain bike insurance.

Mountain bike theft

After a day’s riding through the trails, the lure of a pint of beer and a bowl of chips is almost too much to ignore. As you tuck into something warm and greasy, with energy levels starting to dwindle, you are almost forgiven for taking one eye off your mountain bike. But this is when bike thieves strike.

With our mountain bike insurance, if your bike - or any parts of it - gets stolen, you will be covered, providing it’s locked correctly using an approved lock.

If your bike was purchased as new and is up to three years old, our standard policy includes a brand new bike to ensure you can stay on the road. Of course, if your bike was second-hand or more than three years old, we will naturally take this into account when considering your claim.

House insurance warning

Many bike owners make the mistake of thinking their bike will be covered by their home insurance policy. In reality, this is frequently not the case, and if you only have building insurance this will definitely not cover bikes. Even if you have contents insurance, it is likely you will need to add your bike at a further cost to you and make sure it is only stored in your house or a secure outbuilding. Additionally, only one in three household policies will cover your bike away from your home.

With Cycleplan mountain bike insurance, you can rest assured that you’re covered at all times.

Damage to your mountain bike

Mountain bikes are robust and resilient, but in a fight against a rock or a tree, they will usually come off second best. Over time, sustained damage to a bike will affect its performance and safety – two aspects of your bike, which are paramount when negotiating technical descents. Knowing your bike is functioning at its optimum, will allow you to ride confidently. Remember, crash damage isn’t included in a lot of home insurance policies. This catches many mountain bikers out, so to be on the safe side it makes sense to take out specialist cycling insurance. If you damage your bike, our mountain bike insurance will cover you for accidental damage, covering the cost of bike repairs or a replacement.

Damage to your kit

It’s not just your bike that you need to consider insuring. Good quality clothing, full-face helmets and lights help keep you safe when out riding. The safer you feel, the more fun you will have.

We are also starting to see an increase in the use of technology. Go Pro Cameras are almost a standard accessory among today’s mountain bikers. However, clothing and such accessories aren’t cheap and they can get damaged or be lost very easily. By taking out our bicycle accessories option, you can make a claim if you have damaged or lost any of your personal belongings when out riding.

Cover if you’re to blame

When out mountain biking, it’s highly unlikely you’ll come into contact with cars but on popular trails you could encounter many other mountain bikers. Our public liability cover will insure you for any accidental damage you cause to another person or their property.

Personal accident cover

Our cycling insurance provides personal accident cover for death or permanent disability, should you happen to fall off and seriously injure yourself. But it also provides financial compensation if you were to break or fracture certain bones or required emergency dental work.

Cover if you get injured

The very nature of mountain biking is a breeding ground for broken bones, cuts, bruises and dislocations. Although serious injuries are thankfully rare, it’s imperative you are covered should an accident and resulting injury arise. Through our personal accident policy, you are covered if you suffer a serious injury that results in death or a permanent disability.

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