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Electric Bike Insurance


What is electric bike insurance?

Electric bike insurance is a form of financial protection for you, your e-bike, your equipment, and your third-party liability to others while out riding.

Despite all the fun of owning an electric bike, you’ll be well aware of the risks they pose should you own one yourself. For example, accidents, injury to yourself and others, and theft of or damage to your bike and equipment are all risks cyclists face whenever out and about.

Electric bike insurance is designed to cover e-bike owners against these risks, and others associated with owning and riding an electric bike.

What does electric bike insurance cover?

Specialist electric bike insurance can protect your e-bike against theft, loss and damage so you can ride with peace of mind. With Cycleplan, each policy can be tailored to meet individual needs.

Some of the most common things covered by electric bike insurance include:

Theft and Damage

Paying to replace a stolen e-bike or fixing one that’s damaged can be very expensive. Electric bike insurance through Cycleplan can cover you against both for up to £30,000.

Personal Injury

Even if you’re a careful cyclist, accidents can still happen. All it takes is some uneven ground, and you could lose control of your bike, fall, and pick up a nasty injury. Personal Accident cover can provide financial compensation should you be in an accident with your e-bike.

Public Liability

It’s not just yourself at risk of injury when you’re using your electric bike. There’s always the chance that you could accidentally injure someone else, too, or cause damage to third-party property.

For example, let’s say you accidentally scrape a parked car while riding through a narrow gap or you accidentally knock into a pedestrian that suddenly steps out in front of you without warning.

With Cycleplan, you can get up to £5m worth of Public Liability cover for your potential legal fees if a claim is made against you for injury to another road user or pedestrian, or damage to third-party property while you’re out riding.

Why should I consider specialist electric bike insurance?

Figures show that as many as one in 20 people in the UK own an e-bike, many of whom will ride daily, be it for leisure, commuting, or other purposes.

The chances are you’ll already have a home insurance policy in place. However, many are often unaware of the limitations of their cover.

Research has shown that one in three household insurance policies don’t cover bikes away from the home, leaving you uninsured while on the road. Even if you have contents insurance, your e-bike may exceed the contents value limit and, therefore, may not be covered for use outside the home.

So, while there is no legal requirement to have electric bike insurance, cyclists may wish to consider investing in it or risk suffering serious financial loss should the worst happen.

E-bikes can also be expensive, costing even tens of thousands of pounds for some of the highest-spec models, and are hence costly to replace or repair in the event of theft or accidental damage without the right electric bike insurance.

Cyclists may also wish to consider specialist insurance for protection against injury to themselves and others, or damage to third-party property.

Check out our blog for a more detailed look at reasons to consider electric bike insurance.

How much does electric bike insurance cost?

The cost of electric bike insurance varies depending on several factors, such as the monetary value and age of your bike, plus the level of cover you choose.

Get a quick quote online with Cycleplan for a more accurate picture of what your cover could cost.

Electric bike insurance – optional extras

When you take out a standard electric bike insurance policy through Cycleplan, you can add various optional extras if you wish. These can include:

  • your e-bike accessories up to £1,000
  • taxi fee reimbursement of up to £50 to get home should your bike be damaged beyond usable condition in an accident
  • extended injury and damage cover, or race fee reimbursement for competitive competitions

Download the Cycleplan Insurance Booklet for more information on what you can cover.

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