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Our road bike insurance will bring you peace of mind so you can focus on the joy of the ride.

We know you love the freedom that cycling brings. Whether it’s a gentle, sunny ride around the Surrey Hills, a long, leg-grinding slog through the Peak District or a quick 45 minute whiz to the local coffee shop and back, road cycling has no boundaries. Your bike, whether it’s designed for road race, sportive, time trial or triathlon is your pride and joy – a true companion who you share many memories (and miles) with.

Insuring your road bike, your kit and of course, yourself, frees you from worry every time you ride and whatever situation you find yourself in. Here are five good reasons why you should consider specialist road bike insurance from Cycleplan:

Damage to your bike & accessories

Sometimes accidents happen, caused by you or other road users. It could be something as simple as a pothole, which has the capability of wrecking wheels and entire frames, or a collision with a fellow cyclist, pedestrian or even a car.

Our road bike insurance will cover you for accidental damage, covering the cost of bike repairs or a replacement.

As well as investing in the bike, your cycling clothing and accessories will be worth a significant amount. It’s not uncommon for a cyclist to be equally worried about the damage to their clothing and accessories as much as the bike itself.

If you rip a hole in your cycling jersey, crack your helmet or smash your lights following an accident, you can make a claim if you’ve taken out our bicycle accessories option.

Bike Theft

Who doesn’t enjoy a bike ride and a coffee stop? They almost go hand in hand. But it can be stressful, having to keep one eye on your bike and the other on your espresso. If you’re concerned about your bike, or parts of it being stolen, providing it’s locked correctly using an approved lock , you will be covered under our road bike insurance.

Standard on all our policies is a brand new replacement bike if your stolen bike was purchased new and is up to three years old. For a bike over three years old, or not new when you bought it, we naturally take into consideration wear and tear when fulfilling your claim.

House insurance warning

Don’t assume your bike is covered by your home insurance. If you just have building insurance you certainly won’t be covered. With contents insurance you will probably have to add the bike to your policy for an extra cost and even then it’s likely only insured either in your house or a secure outbuilding.

So if your bike is stolen when you’re out and about, it’s unlikely to be insured. Recent research has shown that one in three household policies do not cover bikes away from the home. With specialist cycle insurance, you can rest assured that you’re covered at all times, including at home, work and out on the road.

Protection if you’re to blame

Whether you’re riding through the city, country roads or even taking part in a cycling event such as a sportive, you will encounter other cyclists and road users.

Knowing you are covered for public liability, will put you at ease should you happen to accidentally knock into another cyclist, or cause damage to a person’s property. As we all know, bikes aren’t cheap and nor are car wing mirrors. Our road bike insurance will cover you for public liability up to £5m.

Cover if you get injured

While bike accidents on the road are slowly declining, the figures are still high. Each year over 19,000 road cycling injuries occur, so it’s important to stay safe. However, if you happen to seriously injure yourself, with our personal accident cover you will be insured if the accident results in your death or a permanent disability.

Cover all your bikes on one policy

A lot of cyclists own more than one road bike. But the more you have, the more you worry. Frames, wheels, components etc. aren’t cheap, and if you store them all together at home, the greater the financial implications if they all get stolen in one fell swoop.

Taking out cycling insurance for each bike can be a laborious process. Through our road bike insurance, one Cycleplan policy can cover all your bikes.

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