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Having electric bike insurance will bring peace of mind to every journey, wherever you want to go.

An electric bike is a fantastic way to get involved in cycling and improve your fitness. Not to mention that it makes getting up hills so much easier.

In recent years, electric bikes have become a popular form of transport, especially for those who only tend to make small journeys such as short commutes to work or quick trips to the local shops. But sometimes the less strenuous bike rides can cause the biggest problems.

Here’s why you should consider Cycleplan’s specialist electric bike insurance:

Keep your investment safe

With many electric bike prices going into the thousands, sadly they are sought after property among thieves. Locking your electric bike outside a shop, train station or your office can leave you worrying whether it will still be there when you get back.

With our electric bike insurance, you will be covered should it get stolen, providing it’s locked correctly using an approved lock. Read here to know more about how to securely lock your bike.

House insurance warning

Be careful about relying on your household insurance. It’s advisable that you read the details of your policy, as it’s likely that your electric bike isn’t covered and you may have to contact your house insurer to add your electric bike to the cover at an extra cost.

Even then, if your bike is stolen when out of the house, it’s unlikely to be insured. Research by the comparison site Gocompare has shown that one in three household policies do not cover bikes away from the home. With specialist cycle insurance, you’ll have peace of mind that your bike is covered at all times and places

Damage to expensive parts can be costly

Electric bikes are specialist pieces of kit, and repairing them or replacing parts and spares that may have been accidentally damaged or stolen can cost a lot of money. An electric bike battery for example, can cost anywhere between £150 and £700. Motors aren’t cheap either.

Protection if you’re to blame

Electric bikes are a great way to get around congested towns, but from time to time accidents do happen from injuring another cyclist, colliding with a pedestrian or damaging a car.

Our electric bike insurance will give you peace of mind as you will be insured for public liability up to £5m should you cause a road traffic accident. Depending on the seriousness of the accident, costs can quickly run up into the hundreds of thousands of pounds, and in some cases into millions, making public liability cover essential if the worst was to happen.

Cover if you get injured

Your own safety is very important too. While our electric bike insurance won’t reduce the risk of injury, it will put your mind at rest that if you are involved in a collision, you will be insured if the accident results in your death or permanent disability.

Insure all your bikes on one policy

Chances are if you own an electric bike, you probably own another bike too. You may own a few more. Having to take insurance out on each individual bike can be a headache. We’ve made this easy so that one Cycleplan policy can cover all of your bikes.

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