Why You Need Mountain Bike Insurance

There’s nothing like the adrenaline rush you get from mountain biking. However, unlike many other forms of cycling, it’s a high impact sport which puts lots of stress on both your bike and your body.

Here at Cycleplan, we want you to enjoy mountain biking and be worry-free at the same time! Getting mountain bike insurance cover – to protect yourself, your bike and your kit - will help you take on those trails head-on.

We’ve got 6 crucial reasons why you should protect yourself and your mountain bike with our specialist mountain bike insurance:

1. Damage to your mountain bike

Mountain bikes are made to withstand rough and tumble, but if you run into a rock or tree trunk your bike will usually come off second best. If you damage your bike, our mountain bike insurance will have you covered for accidental damage, including the cost of bike repairs.

If you take out our replacement hire option you are also covered for the reasonable cost to hire an alternative bicycle, from an approved dealer, whilst waiting for your bike to be repaired or replaced. Meaning you won’t miss out on mountain biking while you’re waiting.

2. Mountain bike theft

Bike theft is unfortunately all too common, and just because mountain biking doesn’t take place in a bustling city centre, doesn’t mean there aren’t chances for opportunistic bike thieves to strike.

With our mountain bike insurance, if your bike - or any parts of it for that matter - get stolen, we have you covered, providing it was locked correctly using an approved lock and you followed our general security requirements.

If your stolen bike was purchased new when you bought it and is less than three years old, we’ll replace it with a brand-new one, to get you back on the trails!

3. Your house insurance may not cover you

It’s an easy mistake to think your bike will be covered by your home insurance policy. However, this is often not the case, and if you only have building insurance, this will definitely not cover bikes.

If you have contents insurance, it is likely you will need to add your bike to the policy at a further cost, and it is often more expensive to add your bike to your home contents policy than it is to take out our specialist cover.

Additionally, only one in three household policies will cover your bike away from your home, which is when you and your bike are most at risk. With specialist mountain bike insurance, you’ll be covered when you take your bike out on the mountain trails.

4. Personal accident cover

The very nature of mountain biking makes the threat of broken bones and other injuries, a possibility. Luckily serious injuries are rare, but still it’s important that you are covered should an accident and resulting injury arise.

Our specialist mountain bike insurance provides personal accident cover and physiotherapy for injuries from broken bones to permanent disability or even death. Furthermore, if you take out our loss of earnings cover, we will provide financial compensation if you can’t work due to a mountain biking injury.

5. Damage to your mountain bike kit

It’s not just your bike that needs protecting – your kit does too! Quality biking clothing, full-face helmets and bike lights all help keep you safe when out riding.

Clothing and accessories can be expensive and are susceptible to damage. By taking out our bicycle accessories cover, you can make a claim if your kit is stolen or damaged in a cycling accident.

6. Public liability cover if you’re to blame

A major advantage of mountain biking is that it’s highly unlikely you’ll encounter cars. However, on popular biking trails, you could easily encounter other mountain bikers out for the same thrill you are, as well as hikers and dog walkers. Our public liability cover will insure you if you cause accidental injury to another person or if you damage property, such as another mountain bike.

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