How To Find Your Stolen Bike - An Infographic

A bike is stolen nearly every minute in the UK and unfortunately, only 4% of these bikes ever make it back to their owner. Bike theft is a real problem for cyclists and for those who are victims of the crime, having your bicycle stolen can be annoying, frustrating and incredibly inconvenient.

The prevalence of theft means it is vital that all cyclists are aware of how to keep their bicycles safe and the actions to take if their bike is stolen. In order to help, Cycleplan has put together the following guide explaining how to report a theft, the steps to follow to try to find your bike. This also includes the preliminary measures you can put in place to deter thieves from taking it in the first place.

How to find your stolen bike, and What to do if your bike is stolen:

Bike theft is a major problem within the cycling community, but unfortunately, as bike prices increase and the parts on them become more valuable, it is becoming even more of an issue.

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