The 10 Best Cycling Accessories For All Abilities

Whether you’re out for a casual Sunday ride, battling through the bustling commuter traffic, or competing on the world stage – making sure you have the very best cycling accessories can make all the difference.

Whatever the reason for your ride, and regardless of your experience and ability, we’ve picked 10 of the best cycling accessories to help improve your experience.


Table of contents

1. Ass Savers Mudguard
2. PNY Expand Bike Mount
3. Abus 6500/85 Bordo Granit X-Plus Folding Lock
4. LOOK KEO Blade Carbon Aero Pedals
5. Wattbike Atom
6. DHB R2.0 Road Helmet
7. Ortlieb Commuter Daypack City Backpack
8. Garmin Varia Radar Rear Light
9. Camelbak Podium Bike Water Bottle
10. Wahoo Blue SC Speed and Cadence Sensor


1. Ass Saves Mudguard

Suitable for: Amateur cyclists

Typical price: £10

Key features

  • Requires no tools to fit
  • Fits all standard saddles
  • Suitable for tyre widths from 30-50mm

When you’re out on particularly muddy rides, the last thing you want to be worrying about is the dirt being sprayed up your back.

Thankfully, however, help is at hand – and it won’t cost the Earth either. Mudguards like this one from Ass Savers mean you can say goodbye to muddy backs and cycling gear for good.

The mudguard simply attaches to the back of your bike frame and provides maximum mud protection for you and your gear.

What’s more – the ASB Detour model, in particular, comes fitted with a FLIP-TIP™ lock mechanism to ensure the guard stays in place no matter how rough the ride is.


2. PNY Expand Bike Mount

best cycling accessories


Suitable for: Sportive riders

Typical price: £15

Key features

  • 360° rotation for switching between portrait and landscape mode
  • Extension function for maximum compatibility
  • Solid screw system

When training for a sportive or any other long-distance race, there’s a good chance you’ll be riding on unfamiliar roads. So, you’ll probably need some directions along the way – just to make sure you’re riding the most efficient route (and not getting lost, of course!)

While you could indeed buy a cycling-specific sat-nav, various other, cheaper options are available.

The PNY Expand Bike Mount can be adjusted to fit any smartphone and screws tightly onto any bike, so as long as you have the right map (and enough mobile data), it’s one of the best cycling accessories on the market, for sure.


3. Abus 6500/85 Bordo Granit XPlus Folding Lock

Suitable for: Daily commuters

Typical price: £90

Key features

  • Made from specially hardened steel
  • Protection shield to deter hinge sawing
  • Picking-resistant XPlus precision disc cylinder

Two of the main concerns from town and city commuters are their personal safety and the overall security of their bike.

Before leaving your bike locked up in a busy town or city centre, it’s certainly wise to invest in the best bike lock you can afford. In fact, you could say a bike lock is more of a necessity than an accessory!

Think of it this way - what’s the point in spending potentially thousands of pounds on a bike, only to then secure it with a cheap lock?

Our top bike lock recommendation is the innovative Abus 6500/85 Bordo Granit XPlus Folding Lock, which not only has all the safety and security of a normal lock but also folds in half! Yes, you read that right.

The Abus lock folds into pocket-size – making it a nifty bit of kit and one of the best and most unique cycling accessories out there, for sure.


4. LOOK KEO Blade Aero Carbon Pedals

Suitable for: All cyclists

Typical price: £150

Key features

  • Two spring tensions available
  • Compressed carbon shell
  • Large pedalling surface

As a cyclist, you’ll be well aware that every little helps when it comes to improving your PB.

But for all the attention often placed on carbon fibre frames and high-quality lycra, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of the pedal.

More than three decades on from its revolutionary quick-release clipless pedal, French manufacturer Look has upgraded its offering in line with the times.

These ultra-modern pedals remain a super-lightweight work of art – not to mention the sheer technical genius. However, typically priced between £150 and £200, the KEO Blade Aero Carbon Pedals aren’t cheap but worth the investment if you can afford it.

The pedal also comes with a KEO cleat and cover.


5. Wattbike Atom

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Suitable for: Professionals

Typical price: £2,000

Key features

  • Connectable with Zwift, Peloton and more
  • Data accuracy level +/-1%
  • Compact design

For the professionals among us, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better cycling accessory than a Wattbike Atom.

The cutting-edge indoor training bike, created by British Cycling, uses real chain systems and dual braking to accurately simulate genuine bike rides that track your pedalling style, heart rate and power output.

It’s no surprise Wattbike is the athlete’s choice. In fact, we asked Olympic silver medallist, Lizzie Deignan, to sum it up for us…

She said: “Wattbike isn’t just like your average home trainer, which often feels uncomfortable and difficult. It’s the most natural comparison to a road bike and the best tool I’ve found for sprint training.”

The Wattbike Atom is a firm favourite of some of the world’s most powerful and respected athletes. Besides cyclists, footballers and rugby players also frequently ride Wattbikes. Check out the video below of the Edinburgh Rugby squad being put through their paces.

The bikes read data at a rate of around 1,000 times per second, so some remarkably accurate figures are produced, meaning you truly get the most out of every session.

Not to mention they’re also great for indoor cycling when the weather outside is against you!


6. DHB R2.0 Road Helmet

best cycling accessories

Suitable for: All cyclists

Typical price: £50

Key features

  • Highly adjustable fit
  • 21 vents for maximum airflow
  • Super-lightweight

In the same way you wouldn’t lock your bike with a cheap lock, why would you also protect your head with something unsuitable?

While many cycle helmets fall into the trap of merely sitting on top of your head, the DHB R2.0 does quite the opposite. With its somewhat ‘low-profile’ design, this helmet adjusts to fit naturally around the shape of your head. At the same time, the ergonomic dial ensures a precise, comfortable fit for the duration of your ride.

When buying a bike helmet, you want to be sure you’re investing in one that will provide maximum protection – and that’s certainly what you’re getting here. The helmet’s polycarbonate shell is fused to a shock-absorbing EPS foam liner, so that you can take on the trickiest terrains with confidence.

The DHB R2.0, available in four designs, is also fitted with removable Coolmax™ pads and under-chin straps for extra comfort.


7. Ortlieb Commuter Daypack City Backpack

Suitable for: Daily commuters

Typical price: £125

Key features

  • Back padding with ventilation
  • Removable breast and waist straps
  • Waterproof

If you’re riding your bike to and from work, you’re also going to need something suitable to carry your things.

Made from super-lightweight but durable, waterproof nylon fabric, Ortlieb’s Commuter Daypack’s are a perfect choice no matter where you work or what you do.

Available in either 21-litre or 27-litre and with roll closure, a large main compartment, and a separate padded notebook compartment, there’s a safe and secure place for all your belongings and important work documents and equipment.

The addition of back padding also makes the Ortlieb Commuter an extremely comfortable carry, not to mention its stylish German aesthetic means you’ll look the part too!


8. Garmin Varia Radar Rear Light

Suitable for: Road bikers, night-time and sportive riders

Typical price: £170

Key features

  • Up to 16 hours of battery life
  • Solid and flashing light modes available
  • Fully waterproof

With the Garmin Varia, you can truly see and be seen.

A brand synonymous with GPS technology, Garmin has combined a clever sat-nav system with rear light beams meaning you can be seen from up to a mile away.

The compact, vertical design of the Garmin Varia means it’s easily mountable to most road bikes. You can also opt for the additional tail light feature, which provides awareness of vehicles approaching from behind from as far away as 140m.

When used with a compatible smartphone too, syncing your light with the Varia app also helps increase awareness of road surroundings with vibration alerts and live notifications.

It can also be integrated with third-party smartphone apps, such as Maps, to overlay your sat-nav viewing with live radar alerts to ensure you’re following the most efficient route.

You can also link the Garmin Varia to your Garmin Edge computer (if you have one, that is).


9. Camelbak Podium Bike Water Bottle

Suitable for: All cyclists

Typical price: £12

Key features

  • Lightweight and easy-squeeze construction
  • Wide mouth opening for easy filling and cleaning
  • Positive lockout for leakproof transport

The importance of staying hydrated while out cycling can’t be underestimated, so a good water bottle is a must-have.

With Camelbak’s Podium 710ml water bottle, ease of use and performance are priorities, with easy-squeeze construction providing more fluid for minimal effort.

This, coupled with a self-sealing cap for a positive lockout, makes this one of the best cycling accessories on the market – and at not much more than a tenner, for a steal, too.

The bottle itself is made from TruTaste polypropylene with HydroGuard, which means you’re only ever tasting your drink, and not the bottle – so say goodbye to those nasty plasticky aftertastes for good.

Its wide-mouth opening also means it’s easy to fill with ice even with the lid on and makes cleaning a doddle, too.

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10. Wahoo Blue SC Speed and Cadence Sensor

Suitable for: Professionals

Typical price: £50

Key features

  • Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ technology
  • Can be paired with various cycling apps, such as Zwift
  • Rubber band and zip tie mounts

The Wahoo Blue SC Speed and Cadence Sensor turns your smartphone into a powerful cycling computer, tracking cycling speed, cadence and distance.

A must-have accessory for any cyclist looking to improve performance, the weatherproof sensor attaches easily to your bike and harvests ride data which you can then upload onto your chosen training platform to analyse.

The sensor is compatible with various apps, including Wahoo, Cyclemeter, Zwift, Strava, and Map My Ride. Its small size means it’s also easily transportable, and its barely noticeable 36g weight also means it has a low drag profile, too.

Better still – the battery can last for an entire YEAR off just one full charge. So, simply attach and away you go!


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