The 5 Best Cycling Accessories For All Abilities

Whether you’re out for a casual Sunday ride, battling through the bustling commuter traffic or competing on the world stage – having the very best cycling accessories can make all the difference.

We’ve picked 5 of the best cycling accessories to help make your ride that bit better; whether you’re a commuter, sportive racer, or weekend rider.

1) Ass Savers Mudguard

Suitable for: Amateur Cyclists

Price: £5

Value For Money: *****

Usefulness: ****

As an amateur cyclist, you probably don’t get out as much as you’d like. When you do get to indulge your passion, the last thing you want to be worrying about when speeding along muddy trails is the spray of muck it’s leaving up your back.

Thankfully, help is at hand – and extremely cheap! Get yourself an Ass Savers Mudguard and say goodbye to a muddy back forever. Simply attach it to the back of your frame to cover yourself for only a fiver.

2) PNY Expand Bike Mount for Smartphone

Suitable for: Sportive Riders

Price: £15

Value For Money: *****

Usefulness: *****

When training for a sportive, there’s a good chance you’ll be riding on unfamiliar roads. That means you may need some navigation along the way – just to make sure you’re riding the most efficient route.

You could buy a specific cycling sat-nav for around £100, but we’d advise a much simpler solution. Buy a PNY Expand Bike Mount, which can be adjusted to fit any smartphone. Then download the ‘Google Maps’ app and away you go, with dedicated maps and directions worldwide!

3) Abus 6500/85 Bordo Granit X-Plus Folding Lock

Suitable for: Daily Commuters

Price: £90

Value For Money: *****

Usefulness: *****

When commuting by bike into busy towns and cities throughout the UK, the two primary concerns of cyclists are their personal safety and the security of their bike! So before leaving your bike locked up in busy towns and cities, remember our top tip: Invest in the best bike lock you can afford. What’s the point of spending £1000+ on a bike, only to secure it with a cheap lock?

Our suggestion to keep your bike safe would be to purchase the revolutionary Abus 6500/85 Folding Lock. This innovative accessory has all the safety and security of a normal lock with 5.5mm steel bars, while also possessing an awesome feature for any cycle commuter – it folds! The lock folds up into a handy, portable and pocket-sized cycle theft deterrent.

4) KEO Blade Carbon Aero Road Pedals

Suitable for: MAMILs

Price: £150

Value For Money: ****

Usefulness: ****

For the more serious cyclists out there, known as ‘MAMILs’, every little helps when it comes to improving your PB. A carbon fibre frame can make a big difference, as can high-quality lycra, allowing for far greater aerodynamics. But the biggest revolution is the pedals!

More than 30 years after they designed the revolutionary quick-release clipless pedal, French company ‘Look’ are back! Their modern upgraded pedals remain a feather-light work of art and technical genius. At around £200, the ‘KEO Blade Carbon Aero Road Pedals’ are a little more expensive than other similar brands, but if you shop around online, you can usually find them cheaper.

5) Wattbike

Suitable for: Professionals

Price: £2,250

Value For Money: ***

Usefulness: *****

For the professional section, we thought we’d ask Olympic silver medallist, Lizzie Deignan, what accessory she uses most in the lead-up to a big race.

She chose Wattbike, a cutting-edge indoor training bike. Created by British Cycling, it uses real chain systems and dual braking to accurately simulate a genuine bike ride and can track your pedalling style, heart rate and power output in watts (hence the name) in seconds.

According to Lizzie, “I choose Wattbike because it’s not like your average home trainer, which feels uncomfortable and difficult. It’s the most natural comparison to a road bike and the best tool I’ve found for sprint training.”

The Wattbike has become a firm favourite of the world’s most powerful athletes – not only cyclists – but footballers and rugby players too. It produces remarkably accurate data and the ‘real ride-feel technology’ ensures you make the most of every session.

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