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Edinburgh to Istanbul – Josh Quigley


You might remember that back in May, we met Josh Quigley. Josh was cycling around the world, before getting stopped in his tracks after having his bike stolen in London.

We helped get Josh back on the road, and we’ve been tracking his journey ever since. This week, he’s arrived in Istanbul. We gave him a call to check on his progress:

  •     Where are you up to on your journey?

So, this is the first leg of the challenge complete! It was the European leg of my trip and it started in Edinburgh, travelling through Europe and finishing up in Turkey. 3,200 miles!

  •     What have been the highs and lows of the trip so far?

Obviously, having my bike stolen in London was a low point. I was really emotionally attached to my old bike and losing it was devastating.

But, oddly it was also one of the highlights, as it has led to so much support from others!

  •     What tips do you have for other people that might be travelling and want to keep their bike secure?

After my first bike got stolen, I haven’t really let it out of my sight! I’ve been so militant with it.

I’ve learnt that it’s also really important to check your accommodation ahead of time. I’ve mostly been staying in Airbnb’s and some of them really aren’t OK with bringing a bike inside. So, I’d message ahead to find out that you can store your bike inside.

I’d also recommend a really good lock. I have a really strong sold secure U-lock that you’d need some pretty serious machinery to get through.



  •     What’s next?

My next leg is Istanbul to Tokyo. I’m hoping it will take around 3 months, but as I learnt from my experience in London – anything can happen! If you think it’s going to take three months, it’ll most likely take four!

  •     Any messages to those that have been following you and your journey?

I guess my main message is just get back out there. Pick up a bike, dig out your running shoes, get back into swimming or even try yoga. Just basically get moving.

I want to encourage more people to put themselves back out there and get back on a bike – I just hope it encourages people to take the first step.

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