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Insuring Safety: The Risks of Road Racing

It’s easy to presume that just because you have a helmet on, your cycle journey should be risk-free. However, even your average commute to work isn’t without its fair share of danger, let alone the risks faced by those competing in road races, such as the gold-standard – UCI Road World Championships.

We’ve looked at the 4 biggest risks faced by road cyclists, and how Cycleplan’s specialist cycling insurance can make sure you’re protected.


1) Injuries to yourself

Personal cycling accidents are likely to be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about road cycling risks. It’s no secret that cycling on the road – especially when racing – is dangerous, and unfortunately even the professionals get it wrong sometimes.

Rio 2016, in particular, saw a plethora of cycling accidents in both the men and women’s road races. The most serious of these accidents saw Annamiek van Veluten, who was heading for the greatest victory of her career on the final descent of the race, clip the kerb.

She landed on her head after being flung over the handlebars. Fans were horrified as she lay motionless until medical attention got to her. Even her own mother reportedly thought she was dead.



Luckily, she survived, with a concussion and fractures to her spine in three places. This cycling accident came just a year after Van Veluten was hit by a car in training causing multiple fractures and a collapsed lung. Maybe lightening does sometimes strike twice, but in the worst way.

The men’s road race in Rio wasn’t without its fair share of casualties either. The most severe of these involved Australia’s Richie Porte, who crashed into a tree while trying to avoid another rider in the road. What’s more, the cycling accident happened on the very same descent that caught out Van Veluten. Just like Van Veluten, Porte also fortunately survived his crash, but came away with a broken scapula and broken dreams of Olympic success.


Cycling Accidents

Richie Porte before the start of the men’s road race. Credit: Bryn Lennon/AP

When riding your bike on the road, the last thing you want to be worrying about is injury and money. If you suffer an accident, Cycleplan’s Personal Accident insurance will cover injuries such as broken bones, as well as physio fees, or even loss of earnings if you’re left unable to work.


2) Your Bicycle and Accessories are Damaged or Stolen

Obviously, looking after yourself will be the priority if you happen to suffer a cycling accident, but after that your next worry will be your bike. Road racing bikes are often expensive, and replacing or repairing them out of your own pocket is the last thing you want after a cycling accident.

However, damage isn’t the only risk you face when cycling. Thieves are very aware how much racing bikes are worth. Whether stolen from under your nose or your garage gets broken into, Cycleplan is here to help you.

With our Bicycle and Accessories cover, you’re protected if your bicycle is stolen from your home, while away from your home, and from a motor vehicle. What’s more, you’ll also be protected against accidental or malicious damage.

Additionally, if you have a cycling accident and rip a hole in your cycling jersey, crack your helmet or smash your lights, we’ll replace them if you’ve chosen our bicycle accessories option.


3) Your Bike Can’t be Repaired or Fixed before the race

Sometimes, bad things have a habit of occurring at the worst possible time. If your bike is stolen or damaged, it could ruin the race, cycling holiday, or commute you need it for. Thankfully, help is at hand.

If you hadn’t guessed already, Cycleplan will cover the cost of hiring a replacement or the repair of your damaged bike. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is finding an approved dealership nearby. We’ll take care of the rest.


Cycling Accidents


4) You Damage a Person’s Property or (unluckily) a Person

When cycling on the road, you’re not just risking injury to yourself, but injury and damage to other people and property. Even the professionals are at risk of this.

In this year’s Tour de France, for instance, Peter Sagan seemingly elbowed Mark Cavendish to the floor, resulting in him fracturing his shoulder blade. Sagan was consequently disqualified. Normally on the road though, injury to another cyclist is almost always accidental. Either way, you don’t want to be worrying about the money you could potentially be charged in legal fees or property damage.

Our specialist bike insurance offers you Public Liability cover, giving you real peace of mind should you accidently knock over another cyclist, or damage another person’s property. As we all know, bikes are pricey, but legal fees are even more expensive. It’s just not worth the risk.

With all manner of cycling accidents possible while on the road, it’s not worth getting on the saddle uninsured – whatever the circumstances. Insuring yourself, your road bike and your accessories, frees you from worry every time you ride, whatever situation you find yourself in. Getting cycling insurance from Cycleplan means the only thing you’ll have to worry about is putting in your best performance. Get your tailored quote today!


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