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VIDEO: Armitstead talks SPOTY nomination and Rio 2016 Olympics training

First of all, congratulations on your SPOTY nomination! What did that nomination mean to you?

Being nominated for SPOTY was a huge surprise and, I felt really honoured to be on such a strong list of athletes.  And to be recognised on a sporting level, as well as a cycling level was a big surprise.


How is training going in the lead up to the big one, Rio 2016?

I had a five week break after the World Championships in September, so I started training again on the 1st November. Since then it’s been pretty full-on, every training day I’m thinking about Rio. My preparation has not changed dramatically, I suppose I’ve started to climb a little more than I used to, but I’m trying to stick to the basics and not change too many things.


What’s your least favourite part about training?

My least favourite part about training would be just feeling so tired afterwards that you can’t do anything else with your day. You end up being pretty boring and letting a lot of friends and family down, when you don’t really have the energy to socialise or be at those big events that you would do as a person that did have the energy to.


Where’s your favourite place to ride in the UK?

My favourite place to ride in the UK would definitely be Yorkshire! In and around my home town of Otley, it’s where I grew up riding and I love the scenery there. When the weathers good, there’s nowhere better in the world.


Do you have any pre-ride or pre-race rituals?

My pre-ride or pre-race ritual would be to always wear brand new socks, if I can. Obviously I get through a lot of brand new pairs of socks. But yeah, a fresh white pair of socks is something I like to have on.


What four items would you take with you to a desert island?

I would take my fiancé, if that was allowed! And I guess the other three things would just be food related, anything that would stop me being hungry!

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