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5 Cycling Must-Haves to Brighten up your Winter

With winter drawing in and the darkness falling earlier each day, it’s easy to lose a little bit of the love you have for your bicycle. Of course, a solid winter bike, warm clothing, and bike lights can all help to improve your winter riding experience.

However, sometimes you need a little extra boost to brighten up the dark winter nights, and we’re here to help you do that! So, here’s our list of cycling must-haves to help put a smile on your face.

1. Eye-catching bar tape

Bar tape is likely already a part of your everyday cycling life, so why not make it as exciting as possible? Check out this camouflage handlebar tape from KINGOU –  it does anything but blend in! So, it’s bound to brighten up the dark evenings…right?


2. Graphic cycling cap

We all know that rain comes hand-in-hand with the British winter. As we’ve previously mentioned, a cycling cap is a great way to keep the pesky rain out of your eyes. However, they are also a great way to add a touch of individuality to your cycling gear!

These cycling caps feature artwork by Ana Benaroya who has previously designed for The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times and Ralph Lauren. So, you can be rest-assured you’ll have the most fashionable head in the cycle lane!



3. Pick-me-up Mug

As is often the case with most forms of exercise, the hardest part of winter cycling is often working up the motivation to brave the elements and leave the comfort of your home.

A coffee just before a ride always gives you that extra push to go and cycle hard, but to really push the message home this mug will definitely do the job! It’ll also serve as a great reminder of how hard you’ve worked as you warm your hands up on a post-ride brew.


4. Handlebar cup holder

For those of us that commute to work by bicycle, we don’t always have the luxury of time for a morning coffee before we hit the saddle. Luckily for us, Bookman have a solution.

With this cup holder, you can pick up a coffee on your way, while still having two free hands for the handlebars. There’s also a selection of colours so you can match it to your frame – what’s not to like?


5. A jazzy mudguard

We admit, they might not be the most fashionable cycling accessory, but for winter cycling they are vital. Mudguards will help to keep you, your kit, and the cyclists behind you clean. But, there’s a way of brightening up even the most seemingly mundane cycling accessory.

The ever-popular Ass Saver (great name) has collaborated with Swedish illustrator Mander to create these quirky mudguards. They slip in easily under your saddle, meaning it’s easy to keep one in your bag until bad weather and/or mud strikes.


These cheerful accessories will certainly make you visible on the road that’s for sure, but plenty of things can still go wrong while you’re sat in the saddle. Cycleplan can protect cyclists against potential danger on the roads, so get an instant quote today and see how affordable your peace of mind can be!

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