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When a bicycle is left in a location other than your home for more than 12 hours at any one time or at a railway station for more than 24 hours at any one time.

Equipment added or fixed to the bicycle in addition to the manufacturers original specification, including helmets, shoes, jerseys or vests, base layers, gilets, glasses & goggles, jackets, shorts, trousers, wetsuits, backpacks, helmet mounted cycling cameras, cycling computers, cycling GPS unit, lights, cycle luggage, cycling tools, cycling armour, guards & locks.

An external, sudden, unexpected, unusual specific event occuring at a definable time and place.

Accidental Damage
Damage caused to the bicycle accidentally by violent and external means, including vandalism.

Bodily Injury
Identifiable physical injury or death.

An organised contest from which a winner is selected.

Any bicycle plus any fixed accessories which are your property or for which you are legally responsible. Including tricycle, tandem, trailer cycle or push scooter. The bicycle must be driven by human pedal power or electric battery with an output not exceeding 250w/15.5mph.

Evidence of ownership
Original sales purchase or till receipt showing the date, price paid and details of the bicycle and approved lock.

The amount that you must bear as the first part of any agreed claim as specified on your policy.

Forcible and Violent Entry or Exit
- Evidence of visible damage to the fabric of the building or vehicle where entry or exit was gained.
- Damage caused to an immovable object or approved lock.

Location stated in your insurance schedule where your bicycle is usually kept. Please see Insurance Booklet for descriptions.

Indemnity Basis
For bicycles over 3 years old a deduction will be made for wear and tear.

Insured Value
The amount stated in your Insurance Schedule.

Malicious Damage
The intentional damage caused by a third party.

New For Old
We will pay the cost of a comparable replacement for the lost or damaged bicycle providing the article was new at the time of purchase and the cycle is not more than 3 years old.

The insurance document, Insurance Schedule and any endorsements.

Permanent total disablement
A disability that lasts longer than 12 months which entirely prevents you from attending any business or occupation of any kind and at the end of that period being beyond hope of improvement.

Insurance Schedule
The Insurance Schedule issued to you including any endorsements.

Unauthorised taking, keeping or using of the bicycle by another person with the intention of permanently depriving you of it.

England, Scotland, Wales, The Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Northern Ireland.

United Kingdom Resident
Means domiciled in the U.K.

Up to 45 days Worldwide during any one trip and the cover is shown on your Insurance Schedule.

The insured person/persons named on the Insurance Schedule who is a United Kingdom Resident.

Section 1 - Bicycle(s) & Accessories

Where you have paid the appropriate premium and bicycles and accessories cover is shown on your insurance you are covered for:

  • Theft of your bicycle from your home
  • Theft of your bicycle while away from your home
  • Theft of your bicycle from a motor vehicle
  • Accidental damage to your bicycle
  • Malicious damage to your bicycle

We will pay for the cost of replacement as new providing the damaged bicycle was not more than 3 years old at the date of loss and provided it was new when you purchased it. If the bicycle was more than 3 years old or was not new at the time of purchase, then we will deal with the claim on an indemnity basis.

Cover is extended to include theft from your home and accidental damage to accessories where you have paid the appropriate premium and accessories cover is show on your Insurance Schedule.

Evidence of ownership will be required for you to make a claim. This can include original sales or till receipt, bank statements, dealer valuation or other evidence clearly showing details of the date, price paid and details of the bike or any accessories. Keep hold of any damaged items or locks.

It is a requirement of the policy that your bicycle is secured using the appropriate "Sold Secure" lock or Thatcham approved lock.

Please review our "Key Information" section for further information, plus you can watch our short video, to understand which bike lock to use and how and where to lock your bike.

Section 2 - Public Liability

We will, up to the amount stated in your Insurance Schedule, become legally liable for:

Accidental bodily or mental injury, death or disease or accidental damage to any person or accidental third party property damage which arises from your use of ownership of a bicycle providing you are a United Kingdom resident. The total amount payable includes reasonable defence costs and expenses incurred by you with our written consent in connection with any liability insured under this policy.

Section 3 - Personal Accident

You are covered up to the limit stated on your Insurance Schedule if at any time you are involved in an accident whilst using a bicycle, which shall solely and independently of any other cause, cause:

- Bodily injury, which results in your death, permanent disablement, broken bones Arm (Humerus, Radius, Ulna) or wrist (carpels), Leg (Femur, Tibia, Fibula), Ankle (Tarsals) or Kneecap (Patella), medical expenses, physio treatment or loss of income.

Section 4 - Replacement Bicycle Hire

You are covered for:

- The reasonable cost of the hire of an alternative bicycle from an approved bicycle dealer whilst awaiting the repair or replacement of your bicycle when the subject of an approved claim.

Legal Expenses

You are covered for pursuing a civil claim following a road accident involving the resulting in the death of or bodily injury, a road accident resulting in uninsured losses being incurred and Professional Fees incurred in pursuing a relevant local authority for damage caused to an Insured Bicycle on a public highway as a consequence of a pothole.

Please note that the above is a brief summary of cover and should be read together with the full policy terms, conditions and exclusions, which are detailed within our Important Documents page.

Cover is available to residents of Great Britain, The Isle of Man, Northern Ireland and The Channel Islands and is subject to the laws of England and Wales.

Important Documents

To review, download or print the full details of our cover and Terms of Business, visit our Important Documents page.

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