Our cycling insurance covers participation in cycling sportives, which will help put you at ease and allows you to enjoy being a part of the sportive cycling boom.

Cycling sportives continue to grow across the UK. Each year, more and more events are added to the calendar with many selling out quicker than ever. Cycleplan are proud to sponsor the Cycling Weekly Sportives Series - 10 events which thousands of cyclists up and down the country will take part in.

There are many more sportives to choose from too – all can be found online (UK Cycling Events is a good resouce). Sportives are great fun, but they do come with risks that you need to take into consideration. Here are five good reasons why you should consider our specialist cycling insurance:

Cover if you get injured

Accidents occur during sportives because there are so many cyclists riding within such close proximity of each other, all with varying levels of fitness, ability, experience and skill. It can be daunting riding in such a big group, made more worrying by the lack of basic road skills many cyclists’ possess and an inability to efficiently communicate with each other.

It only takes one rider in front of you not to call out a pothole to bring you down. While we can’t force cyclists to talk to one another when riding, if you do suffer a serious injury that results in death or permanent disability, our cycling insurance policy will cover you.

Damage to your bike

You can try your hardest to stay out of harm’s way, but sometimes, things are just out of your control. Simple mechanicals such as a puncture can result in bike crashes, as can slippery road surfaces, pushing you into the path of another cyclist.

If you damage your bike, our cycling insurance will cover you for accidental damage, covering the cost of bike repairs or a replacement.

Protection if you’re to blame

Occasionally, we all have lapses in concentration and accidents can happen. A simple manoeuvre such as overtaking a fellow cyclist without looking over your shoulder could bring down up to twenty cyclists. It’s a worrying thought.

But with our cycling insurance, you will be covered for public liability up to £5m should you knock into another cyclist, injuring them or causing damage to their property.

Cover against other road users

While the majority of cycling sportives take place on quiet roads, very few are completely traffic free. Car drivers are another factor to contend with. Our cycling insurance will cover you should you be involved in an accident with a car, which may result in personal injury or damage to the motorcar itself.

Bike theft

At the end of long day in the saddle, there’s nothing better than tucking into a cup of coffee and a cake. While you wouldn’t expect bikes to go missing at a sportive, it can and does happen. What with so many bikes on offer and with very little security, it’s a perfect place for a bike poacher.

Mistakenly, many cyclists are under the impression that their bike is covered through their home insurance, but many policies don’t cover bike thefts away from the home. Our cycle sportive insurance policy will cover your bike when out at a sportive, provided it’s locked correctly using an approved lock, should it get stolen. Despite taking all precautions, bike theft can and still does happen. But we will quickly get you back riding. For bikes bought new and up to three years old, we will provide a ‘new for old’ bike so your back on a bike of the same quality and standard you originally had and can return to cycling at your very best.

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