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If you choose to cycle – safety first

Cycling has seen an ever-increasing boom over the last few years, and even more so lately with many turning to their bikes as a way of commuting and exercising. However, with the increase in popularity and traffic getting back to normal on our roads, we need to make sure we focus on riding safely.

89% of cyclists feel the UK is behind when it comes to cycling safety

Survey of 1,732 cyclists by Cycleplan – June 2020

Cyclists share their real-life horror stories:

Here are our top tips for cycling safely on the roads

Follow the rules of
the road

Read up on - and adhere to - the Highway Code and always respect fellow road users. Here are our 7 road safety tips all cyclists should follow.

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Over a third of cyclists have been injured whilst cycling

Every cyclist is likely to sustain an injury while riding at some point. Here's a list of the most common cycling injuries and out top tips on how to avoid them.

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Ensure you have the
right gear

Making sure you take the right precautions goes beyond simply wearing a helmet. Here’s a breakdown of the essential bike safety gear you need for your next ride.

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Protect yourself with Public Liability

Accidents can easily happen when cycling. It was just last year a fellow cyclist was ordered to pay £100,000 in compensation after colliding with a pedestrian. You can easily protect yourself from a claim like this by taking out Public Liability insurance from just £12.50 a year.

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Plan your route

Understanding where other cyclists feel at risk is step one to planning your route, as well as using websites or tools such as Sustrans which is a fantastic route-planning tool.

Where do Cyclists feel most at risk?

Survey of 1,732 cyclists by Cycleplan – June 2020

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