Why Is Cycling Insurance Important? Ask Philip Ross…

If you want to know why you need specialist cycling insurance, look no further than the example of Philip Ross.

Philip suffered a serious injury in a road race and his bike and accessories were damaged beyond repair. However, thanks to the cover he had with Cycleplan, he wasn’t left completely out of pocket.

Philip talks to us about the incident, how Cycleplan helped him and the advice he’d give to other cyclists.

philip ross

Can you start by explaining to us what happened?

I was racing in the Thames Velo Road Race and I was taken out by a couple of people in front of me who had crashed. I went over the top of them, hit the deck at about 30mph and dislocated my collarbone.

When I collided with the person who was lying on the floor, I was still clipped in, so I effectively did a somersault on my bike. I only came off my bike as I landed. My collarbone didn’t break as I rotated and landed on the back of my shoulder.

I immediately thought I’d broken my collarbone when I sat up and tried to move my arm. I’d actually suffered an Acromioclavicular joint discloation (ACJ), to give it its medical term.

Initially, it wasn’t too painful. This was a combination of the adrenaline I felt at that moment and the gas and the air I was given in the ambulance. The pain only came through by the time I got to the hospital.

What happened in the immediate aftermath of this accident?

I took my bike to the shop on the day I crashed, because I needed an assessment from the shop in order to proceed with my claim. Due to the severity of the crash, I knew it would either be seriously damaged or written off and lo and behold, it was written off because of the speed and impact of the crash.

I contacted Cycleplan straight away to explain what happened and gave them the details about my bike. They then reviewed my claim and spoke to Wheelies about sourcing a replacement at market value.

How do you feel Cycleplan handled your claim?

Cycleplan’s customer service was very efficient. The person on the phone reviewed my claim there and then and explained clearly what the next steps would be. They made those next steps happen and made a stressful situation much easier in how they dealt with my claim. I’d be happy to recommend them to other cyclists.

The bike I had was worth £10,000 and I would never have been able to afford to replace that myself if it wasn’t for Cycleplan.

What advice would you give to other cyclists who have considered getting specialist insurance but aren’t entirely sure why they need it?

Even if you’re protecting your bike at home, it’s essential to cover it in case it’s damaged for whatever reason or even stolen.

When you’re a cyclist, you’re very vulnerable to having an accident. This doesn’t have to be from a mistake on your part – all you need is a pothole, puncture or vehicle pulling out on you and there’s a very real possibility of you having an accident.

Don’t get complacent and think “It’ll never happen to me”, because I’m proof that it can happen. If you enjoy cycling and go out on the roads regularly, you’re naturally more at risk, especially when you’re a racer.

If you’re riding your bike without insurance, let alone racing without it, you’re naïve and riding your luck. I rode and raced the bike I wrote off for a whole year without insurance, and with hindsight, this was plain stupid. I got away with it, by pure luck, but I won’t do it again.

Ultimately, you can’t put a price on peace of mind and having specialist insurance definitely gives you that.

What’s the latest on your condition?

I’m back in a sling and back off the bike as I ended up having surgery. I think I was unlucky – like I said, physio does heal a lot of these injuries, but not all. I unfortunately fall into the latter category.

Recovery is going well, but it’s likely going to be 10-12 months before I can get back to my training plan set by my coach. This isn’t ideal when you love the sport and have built up a group of mates who love cycling too, but hopefully this period will pass fairly quickly and I’ll be back on the bike before I know it!

Specialist cycling insurance from Cycleplan

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