White Bear eBikes

What is an eBike?

An electric bike (eBike) is essentially a standard bike with the addition of a battery pack - which can be recharged at any time by plugging it into the mains - and an electric motor. An eBike will help you cycle further with a lot less effort than a standard bike, as the motor can be used to ease the burden of pedalling - especially when going up hills and into strong winds.

Most eBikes have 3 ways to use them:

  • Motor only – the bike is doing the work
  • Pedal-assisted – you pedal, but assisted by the motor
  • Pedal only – just like a standard bike

White Bear eBikes

On the 18th August we were delighted to add White Bear eBikes to our ever growing Retail Partner Programme.

White Bear have two different eBikes on the market, The Explorer – an electric foldable bicycle - and The Discovery – an electric low-step frame bicycle.

The Explorer

white bear ebikes

White Bear say that the Explorer “liberates its riders and sets a new standard in the way you can travel around cities. At the heart of the Explorer’s design is the need for a better way to travel around our urban environment.”

The Explorer has some amazing features to help you get around the city that much easier. It has seven gears as opposed to its non-foldable sister, the Discovery which has three. Oh sorry did I mention, the Explorer is a foldable eBike? (only 20seconds to fold!) Weighing in at only 23kg it also makes it a breeze to transport with you on trains, boats, planes…you name it!

White Bear say the Explorer has been built to ‘keep up with our often-hectic lives and the fast pace of our cities.’ Innovative additions such as: anti-scratch paint, strengthened new lightweight alloys in the crankshaft and not to mention the fact you will no longer have any worries regarding parking in the city mean that the Explorer will ‘keep up with you during the most demanding times.’

The Discovery

white bear ebikes

White Bear developed the Discovery “for those who like to ride in style but with little effort – you might be in a suit, or going to a meeting. It is designed so you can arrive cool, calm and collected, even in your smartest clothes.”

The Discovery has been made into an extremely comfortable ride by White Bear choosing some subtle innovations such as a quieter motor and a suspension seat. You can easily set the handlebars to suit your standard riding position by using the very simple, quick-release handlebar adjuster. White Bear say that the result is “comparable to driving a Rolls Royce – well, we tried to make it the Rolls Royce of bicycling.”

The Discovery has been designed to be clean and simple. All the greasy parts that might be associated with an eBike have been removed. One example being that the gears are stored inside the rear wheel hub, which requires less maintenance and the chain is fully covered, meaning that you will arrive at your destination as clean as your eBike.

White Bear have made sure the Discovery is ready for everyday use. So they’ve used a large rear rack and positioned the battery to make it easy to add side panniers, baby-seats, carrier straps, lights and any other accessories.

Additional Info

Both eBikes have the following:

  • Choice of Matt black or white eBike
  • Battery range of 40-50 miles
  • All weather tyres
  • Complimentary starter kit (8mm & 10mm spanner, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm & 6mm Allen keys, flathead and Phillips screwdriver)
  • Guarantee (Frame - 3 years / Motor & Battery – 2 years / Controller & Charger – 1 year)


white bear ebikes

White Bear offer some fantastic accessories for you and your eBike including: specialised cycling shoes, foldable helmets and locks to name but a few. And don’t forget, whatever accessories or cycle equipment you buy, cycleplan has policies to keep them covered, as well as your eBike itself!

Test Ride

No words, pictures or videos can convey the unique and exhilarating experience of riding a White Bear eBike. So just click here and follow the simple instructions to book yourself a test ride.

You can stay in touch with White Bear eBikes on: Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.