Why Do Cyclists Need Insurance?

When you think of cycling, what springs to mind? Getting outdoors or pursuing an activity that you’re passionate about, perhaps?

But it goes without saying that cycling, just like driving or riding a motorcycle, comes with a potentially huge risk. Even when taking the greatest precautions, from locking up your bike following the highest security requirements to ensuring you always wear safety equipment, unforeseen incidents such as serious injuries and thefts can (and do) happen.

What’s more, these kinds of incidents don’t just happen to professional cyclists or athletes. They happen to normal people, too. After all, you'd never drive a car without insurance. So, why risk it on two wheels?

Without robust cycling insurance cover, you’re at risk of not only physical but financial harm. So, let’s look at why cyclists need insurance and the key types of cover that you should seriously consider taking out.

Public Liability

Public Liability covers your potential legal fees and expenses if a compensation claim is made against you for accidentally injuring another person or damaging third party property while riding your bike. This can range from relatively minor accidents – like damage caused to cars or other vehicles during a ride – to more serious incidents.

The subject of Public Liability for cyclists was thrust into the spotlight during Robert Hazeldean’s recent court case. Hazeldean was successfully sued by a yoga teacher, Gemma Brushett, who he crashed into and knocked over after she stepped out into the road while looking at her mobile phone.

The resulting legal fees and damages totalled more than £100,000, and Hazeldean ended up having to settle the case for £30,000 because he didn’t have insurance at the time of the crash.

You have to ask yourself, could you afford to pay an amount like this if you didn’t have Public Liability insurance?

The recent surge in popularity for electric bikes (or eBikes) is another important consideration when it comes to Public Liability insurance.

In 2018, Sakine Cihan, a female pedestrian, sadly died from injuries sustained in a collision with an electric bike – again in London. In the process, she became the first person in the UK to lose their life from this type of crash. Although the rider was later cleared of death by careless driving, he was riding without insurance and could have easily been liable.

Instances like these clearly prove that specialist cycling insurance isn't a luxury, it's a necessity. And it’s a small price to pay compared to potentially astronomical court costs. Our Public Liability insurance for cyclists is available up to £5 million.

Personal Accident Cover

Another obvious issue facing all cyclists is physical harm caused to yourself. Almost all cyclists will have taken a tumble off their bike at some point during their life. Most of the time it’s a minor injury (or even just damage to your ego) that heals quickly and doesn’t require an insurance claim.

However, in some circumstances, cycling injuries can be more severe – broken arms, legs, wrists or ankles are not uncommon. These injuries not only require extensive treatment, they could be serious enough to stop you from working and earning money for a long period of time.

The good news is that Personal Accident and Loss of Earnings cover can protect you in this situation and take away worries like:

  • “How will I be able to pay my rent when I can’t work?”
  • “What will happen to my kids if there’s no money coming in?”
  • “Will I be able to live off statutory sick pay alone?”

At Cycleplan, we provide up to £50,000 Personal Accident cover. This will cover you if you have a cycling accident that results in permanent disability or death. It also covers physiotherapy, broken bones, hospitalisation and emergency dental expenses which result from your cycling accident.

When you take out Personal Accident cover, you can also add Loss of Earnings cover of up to £750 per week, depending on your salary. This helps keep you afloat financially if your cycling injuries leave you unable to work for a lengthy period of time.

Equipment Cover

It’s a sad fact that your precious bike (and its associated accessories) are both highly susceptible to damage and highly enticing to thieves. Scrapes and crashes happen all too often, with repairs sometimes costing in the thousands.

What’s more, police data shows that half a million bikes were stolen in the UK in 2019 alone – and we understand that gut-wrenching feeling when you realise that your bike isn’t where you left it. However, with specialist insurance, you’re protected from having to pay out of your own pocket for repairs or replacements, meaning you can get back on the saddle in no time.

We recently wrote a blog about what to do if your bike gets stolen. Tip: the first step is not to panic!

EU and Worldwide Cover

Of course, cycling isn’t a uniquely British pursuit – trips abroad on two wheels are increasingly popular, both in Europe and wider afield.

Popular destinations include fitness trails in the mountains of southern Spain, relaxing breaks with family and friends in France and touring holidays around the lakes of Italy.

With our European and Worldwide cycling insurance, you can enjoy your trip without the worry. What’s more, our insurance can be tailored and allows you create your own bespoke policy based on your individual needs.

Safe, not sorry

Cycling, whether for fun, practicality or something a little more competitive, is loved by millions of people across the UK. But it comes with a degree of risk. Specialist cycling insurance can ensure peace of mind that, if disaster strikes, you’re covered financially.