A Beginner’s Guide To Competitive Cycling – Infographic

Here at Cycleplan, we love all forms of cycling and it’s great to see people taking part in such a wide range of events from BMX, mountain biking, road racing as well as just for leisure and commuting.

No matter what your preferred type of cycling is, it’s pretty much guaranteed to help keep you fit, healthy and deliver a whole host of other benefits for your body and mind.

If you’re thinking of making your cycling a little more competitive, we hope you’ll enjoy our handy graphic that gives you the lowdown on some of the different options you have.

Why Cycle?

  • Regular cyclists have a level of fitness equal to a person ten years younger.
  • You can decrease your risk of heart disease by half that of non-cyclists by cycling up to twenty miles a week.
  • During busy times of the day in the majority of areas, a bicycle journey is twice as fast as a car- good if you hate traffic!
  • Your boss will appreciate what cycling does for your company. It has been found that people who have exercised before work or at lunchtime improved their workload management, it boosted motivation and their ability to deal with stress issues.
  • You can also help save the planet! For a start, twenty bicycles can be parked in the same space left by one car.
  •  It takes around 5% of the raw materials and energy used to make a car to build a bike. Plus a bike produces zero pollution.

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