5 Ways To Get Better At Hill Climbing

Most cyclists have struggled with hill climbing at some point. It’s a gruelling but essential activity, which can improve your cycling in lots of areas.

More importantly, if you’re interested in competitive cycling, races are often won or lost through hill climbing. 

If like me, you grew up in a hilly area, climbing is almost unavoidable.

Here are my 5 top tips for improving your hill climbing.

Get set

Firstly, make sure your bike is set up correctly for your body. Ensure your seat is level and not too high. You can check this by measuring where the seat comes up to on your hip. Also, make sure you find a saddle that’s comfortable for you.

You don’t want to overstretch your arms or legs whilst pedalling, so check your handlebars are the right height as well.

Ride and repeat

Unfortunately, there are no quick wins here. Nothing will beat getting out there, getting started on hill climbing and repeating regularly. Try and get into the habit of doing a hill climb workout once a week. Try 5-10 minute hill climbs and then downhill to recover.

I have a specific climb that I use to measure how well my legs are feeling. If you have a climb local to you, try climbing it regularly to see if you’re improving. 

Improvise if you need to

If you don’t live near any hills then you can always overgear on inclines and make your climbing harder – perfect for building your strength.

Mix sitting with standing

This one is up for debate. I recommend mixing standing and sitting, as it uses two different sets of muscles and enables you to give the others a rest by swapping between, allowing you to go faster for longer.

Sitting in the saddle will give the large muscles at the back of your thighs more power and leverage to peddle. Standing is far more powerful but can tire you out quickly.

Pace is everything

Pacing is the most important thing with hill climbing. Take it easy and keep a pace that’s manageable for you. Remember – if you can’t hold a normal conversation, then you need to slow down.

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