10 Reasons To Choose Cycleplan’s Specialist Cycling Insurance

  1. Specialist cycling insurance will give you peace of mind

Here at Cycleplan we know that as a cyclist, you love the freedom that a bike can give you. Whether it’s a placid, sunny Sunday ride around the hills, an exhilarating downhill mountain race or just a quick whiz to the local bakery your bike is your pride and joy!
Insuring your bike, accessories and of course, yourself will give you complete peace of mind when riding, knowing that in the vast majority of eventualities we’ll have your back!

  1. Specialist cycling insurance is better than household insurance

Don't just assume your bike and accessories will be covered by your household insurance. If you just have building insurance then you definitely won’t be covered. But with contents insurance you will most probably have to add the bike to the policy for an extra fee, but even then it’s most likely to only be insured either in the house or a secure outbuilding.

So if your bike is stolen or damaged while you’re out and about, it’s unlikely to be covered. Recent research has shown us that only one in three household insurance policies actually cover bikes while away from the home. With our specialised cycling insurance, you can rest easy, knowing that you’re covered at home, work and out on the road.

  1. No postcode premiums – no extra charge if you live in a city

We don’t believe that just because you have a postcode in a highly populated area that you should be penalised and charged a higher premium,  unlike many of our competitors. With Cycleplan you can expect the same premium no matter where in the UK you live.

  1. Cover for bike theft

Having your bike stolen is a worry all cyclists share and there isn’t one of us who hasn’t had their bike stolen, or knows someone who has. In fact, 500,000 bikes are stolen in the UK every year. With the current cycling hype, more and more bikes are on our roads, and often left in poorly secured areas, despite their high value.  This makes them easy picking for bike thieves.

Who doesn’t enjoy a bike ride and a coffee stop? They almost go hand in hand. But it can be stressful, having to keep one eye on your bike and the other on your espresso. If you’re concerned about your bike being stolen, providing it’s locked correctly using an approved lock, you will be covered under our cycling insurance.

  1. Protection if you’re to blame

Whether you’re riding through the city, country roads or even taking part in a cycling event such as a sportive, you will encounter other cyclists and road users. Knowing you are covered for public liability will put you at ease should you happen to accidentally knock into another cyclist, another road user, or cause damage to a person’s property.

Our cycling insurance will cover you for public liability up to £5m.

  1. Cover for damage to your bike & accessories

Sometimes accidents happen, caused by you or other road users. It could be a pothole that has the capability of wrecking your wheels and your entire frame, or a collision with a fellow cyclist, pedestrian or even a car. Our specialist cycling insurance will cover you for the cost of the bike repairs, or even a replacement.

Your cycling clothing and accessories will, most probably be worth a significant amount.  That’s why it’s not uncommon for a cyclist to be just as angry about damage to their clothing and accessories as the bike itself. If you rip a hole in your cycling jersey, crack your helmet or smash your lights in following an accident, you can make a claim if you’ve taken out our bicycle accessories option.

  1. Cover all your bikes on one policy

It’s not unusual for a cyclist to own more than one bike. But the more bikes you have, the more you have to worry about. Wheels, frames, components etc aren’t cheap, and if you store them all together at home, the greater the financial implications if they are all stolen in one go. Through our cycling insurance, one Cycleplan policy can cover all your bikes quickly and easily.

  1. Ride abroad hassle-free with our Worldwide cycling insurance

Every year, thousands of cyclists head off around the world on cycling holidays. Many cyclists fly to southern Spain, training up and down the mountains; some prefer to go exploring on touring holidays around Italy, uncovering hidden gems that can only be accessed by bike; while others like to take it slow, on a relaxing break with family and friends around northern France.

Cycling holidays are fantastic fun, but they can also be stressful at times. With our European and Worldwide bicycle insurance you can enjoy your trip even more.

Remember, not all household insurance policies cover theft away from the home, so certainly won’t when you’re holidaying abroad. When staying in accommodation such as villas or caravans, it’s important your bike(s) are locked and secured properly. Find out more about the right type of approved lock here. With our Worldwide and European cycle insurance, you can rest assured that your bike is covered for the vast majority of instances, worldwide.

  1. Lowest price guarantee

We are confident that you won't find another policy that closely matches your needs, for a lower price. So should you take out a policy and within 14 days find the same levels of cover elsewhere for less we'll refund the difference!

  1. 0% APR on policies with premiums over £20

Unlike some other cycle insurance brands, we don’t charge extra for paying in monthly installments.

Get an instant quote today for cycling insurance and benefit from our 20% off introductory discount.