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What would happen if your bike was stolen?

Cycling is a wonderful way to get out and about, commute to work and keep fit. In fact there are millions of people taking to the streets every day for fitness, health and fun. Last week we offered some tips on what you need to start cycling on the road and you can read the blog here.

After you’ve collected all your essential cycling gear, you’re likely to tally up quite the bill. So let’s take another look at how much you might be spending in total, and what you might have to spend again if the worst happened and everything went missing!

Amateur to mid-level bike £500 – £1000

For a decent road bike, such as a Mango Bikes black series or Barracuda Corvus, you might be looking at anywhere between £280£380 for a new bike. But if you want to start really riding with the big boys you’re more likely to spend around the £500 for a Giant. However, you could be spending as much as £8000 for the likes of a Specialized road bike – or even more than that for a carbon road bike such as this Pinarello Dogma 2 which will set you back around £10k. Imagine having to replace one of those?

Accessories £100 – £150

If you’re using your bike regularly, especially as your main form of transport, chances are you’ll be adding all sorts of accessories, including panniers and a pannier rack. Don’t forget a set of lights which will cost around £10,  a hand pump for £15 as well as helmet, puncture kit, water bottle and spare tyres all costing £20, £5, £5 and £5 respectively. That’s if you go for the amateur to mid-level stuff. Higher quality gear may cost a little more, but either way over the years you’ve probably collected more stuff than you realise. All this stuff stacks up so having to buy it all again would be a nightmare.

If the unthinkable were to happen and your bike as well as all those great accessories where to be stolen, having to fork out another huge amount of money to get back on the road can be really hard to deal with. In total you might be looking at having to replace your gear to the tune of £650£700, which would be quite horrible indeed!

With this in mind, insurance with cycleplan ensures you’re back on the road for a fraction of the cost. If you’re already insured with us, then you’ll understand how good it feels to know you can get back on the road in no time, should something go wrong. If not, why not get a quote here and see how cycle insurance can keep you covered.


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