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Cycling insurance

So…why are we here? Well, from theft and damage to bikes, to protection against serious injury or worse, we think specialist cycling insurance should be an essential piece of every cyclist’s kit. There are a wide range of hazards confronting you every time you go cycling from erratic, speeding or impatient drivers, lorries and buses with blind spots, potholes and slippery surfaces – not to mention the potential of having hundreds or thousands of pounds worth of bike stolen or damaged.


Specialist cycling insurance from cycleplan will ensure that you and your two-wheeled vehicle and your accessories have specialist insurance protection. Whether you cycle competitively on the track or road, ride sportives, use your bike to commute or just enjoy casual Sunday club rides, cycleplan from the sports insurance specialists, Insure4Sport, can provide stand-alone cover that is specifically designed for your needs as a cyclist. In the last ten years, the number of cyclists on the road has increased by 12 per cent and there are now 13 million regular riders estimated in the UK.


Although you can add your bike to a home insurance policy it is likely that you will pay more to extend your household policy than the cost of a specialist cycleplan policy. More importantly a household policy will not necessarily cover you fully should your bike or accessories get stolen. In addition if there’s injury to you or a third party your household Public Liability insurance may not necessarily provide cover away from the home; and if you rent it is likely you won’t have any Public Liability cover at all as this is normally attached to the building insurance and not the contents insurance.


With cover starting from only £16 a year, cycleplan offers theft and accidental damage cover for up to £10,000 on all types of bikes, whether road, mountain, electric, BMX, tandems and even unicycles. They also have options for competition, including triathlons and also offer Personal Accident cover of up to £50,000, should anything happen to you.


Despite cycling related thefts and accidents being higher in urban areas, unlike many other insurers, the cost of insurance is the same with cycleplan regardless of your postcode. There is no extra charge for people who may be of a higher risk. To find out more about what cover cycleplan can offer you, and to take advantage of a special 20% discount, call: 08000 92 92 68 or visit


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