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TV advert – Behind the Scenes [VIDEO]

Cycleplan takes an exclusive behind the scenes look at its first TV advert featuring Olympic medallist Lizzie Armitstead.

Behind the Scenes including video

You may have seen our recent blog that featured Cycleplan’s first TV advert – hopefully you enjoyed it and liked seeing our ambassador Lizzie Armitstead in action on British soil! So, let’s go behind the scenes…

Despite just being 30 seconds in length in its final form, the TV advert was the result of months of meticulous planning to bring together what we believe is an engaging and informative advert about the benefits of cycleplan.

The advert was shot in two key locations, the Peak District and central Manchester and it’s probably easy enough to see what was shot where!

As you’ve probably seen with your own eyes, road cycling has exploded over the past few years and that’s what we kick the advert off with by having Olympic medallist Lizzie Armitstead talk through the benefits of cycleplan aboard her Boels Dolmans race bike.

Lizzie’s footage was more specifically filmed around the Winnats Pass which is an extremely steep climb (almost 1:4 at points) popular with the bravest cyclists across the land. Battling very challenging weather conditions and a very early start, we successfully recorded footage of Lizzie riding her bicycle towards a rolling buggy which is how we got the up-close tracking shots.

Once all of her piece-to-camera shots were in the can, we sent a drone up into the picturesque countryside to capture some fantastic overhead footage. Drones are a relatively new way to capture visual media but their freedom to go anywhere throws up some great angles that were previously impossible to shoot.

Lizzie’s video work done and then sent off to a studio to capture stills for marketing purposes, the video team turned their focus towards mountain biking. Cycleplan has lots of happy mountain biking customers, so it was only right to feature this form of cycling on the impressive Mam Tor hill just up the road from Winnats Pass.

Similarly with Lizzie, the drone came out for another appearance to capture some incredible footage of the bike tackling the elements alongside the traditional steady-cam. We hope you agree the final edit of the mountain bike looks spectacular and really gets across the enjoyment to be had with this form of cycling!

Finally we hauled all of the equipment to sunny Manchester to capture footage of a commuter bike – after all, it’s an ever growing and low cost form of commuting of which many cycleplan customers use. Once more fighting the traditional British summer weather of grey and drizzle, the footage was in the can and sent off to the edit suite to see the final product below!

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