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Josh Quigley – Leg two

You might remember that back in May, we met Josh Quigley. Josh was cycling around the world, before getting stopped in his tracks after having his bike stolen in London.

We helped Josh get back on the road, and we’ve been tracking his journey ever since. We caught up with him again to see where he’s at in his ‘around the world journey’.

  • Where are you up to on your journey? 

I’m in Kazakstan! In the past three months, I’ve cycled just under 5,000 miles. 

I’ve just taken a 24-hour boat from Azerbaijan to Kazakhstan over the Caspian Sea. I now have 5,000 miles ahead of me through all the ‘Stans’ countries and China, before getting boats to Korea and Japan for my leg 2 of cycling around the world! 

  • Here in the UK, you’ve missed a lot of rain! What’s the most extreme weather you’ve cycled in so far?

I’ve had the opposite problem! The heat is becoming a big challenge for me at the moment. Temperatures have been averaging at 33 degrees, and these are set to go into the ’40s as I travel through the desert in Uzbekistan. 

  • What have you missed about the UK? 

The people, as I’ve been travelling. I’ve really missed some conversations with people.

  • And what do people normally take travelling that they don’t need?

Clothes. I think people probably pack far too many clothes when you only end up wearing just a few key items. I famously travel with just one pair of pants and socks, (which people either laugh at or find it disgusting). However, I need to be as light as I can and I’m very minimalist when it comes to packing. 

  • What are your essentials? 

My phone and my portable power banks. My phone runs my life, whether I’m recording and editing videos, sharing them on social media or engaging and responding to fans. I need my phone to be fully charged. I also use it for route planning, checking the weather and journaling, so much of what I do wouldn’t be possible without my phone.

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