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The Funniest Winter Cycling Fails

Cycling in winter can be beautiful – frosted fields glistening as you fly along empty roads. But don’t forget, winter cycling can be hazardous too. If you needed any proof, try these seven hilarious winter bike fail videos. Grab a cuppa and enjoy!

Disclaimer: No riders were seriously harmed in any of these videos. Also, DON’T try these at home – or outdoors!


The Mega Avalanche Race Pile-up

In the picturesque Alpe d’Huez in the French Alps, long after the skiers and snowboarders have gone home, this mountain town hosts the longest downhill race in the world, Megavalanche. Several hundred mountain bikers start en masse on Le Pic Blanc and descend 2,500m to Allemont. Even in early summer when this event takes place, the mountain still has thick snow and, unsurprisingly, this causes a few collisions.


Faceplant In The Snow

Mountain bikers are known to be a little on the extreme side. However, this American mountain biker found that, while the slopes don’t always mind you riding on them, they do like to trip you up!  Please note: there is some swearing in this video.


Ditch The Bike?

Every commuter has their own shortcuts. In this case, it was a shortcut head over heels into a snow-filled ditch. At least he had a soft landing!


How Not To Use Your Bike

Many avid cyclists who live in snowy areas own ‘fat’ bikes (an off-roader with oversized tyres). One snow day, this group decided to try out their fat bikes on a couple of self-built jumps. It didn’t go well.


Piste off

While you normally would shred the slopes on skis or a board, this guy shows us what happens when you take to the piste on a mountain bike.


From Russia With Fail

A group of hardy Russian cyclists show us how NOT to ride on snowy or icy roads and mountainsides. Consider it educational!


How To ACTUALLY Ride In The Snow

From hardy Russian cyclists to the cool, calm and collected Dutch, our last video is not about cycling fails, it’s about cycling successes!

The Dutch are famous for their love of bikes and a bit of snow certainly doesn’t get in their way. THIS is how you cycle successfully in wintery conditions. However, we always recommend wearing a helmet no matter where you’re cycling.


Having bike insurance that covers you for personal accidents becomes even more important in winter – as proved in the videos above!

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