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Five Best Cycle Apps

There are now more cycling apps than ever; the smartphone having replaced the humble bicycle computer as the most popular means to track your rides, plan routes & training programmes, record stats and reach target goals. Below are a few of the most rated:

1) Strava


Allows you to track running or riding with GPS, recording speed and distance. With more focus on the social media aspect this app allows you to join challenges, share photos and follow fellow riders. There is a competitive edge to Strava; once your ride is uploaded you are automatically ranked against other riders on popular trails and roads. Links to other social media sites.

2) Map My Ride 


With this app you can specify if running, walking, road cycling or hiking. It’s similar to cyclemeter but better equipped for tracking and finding routes, with a large database of routes to draw upon. It monitors weight and nutrition, inputs and analyses data, logs over 600 activity types, is varied in scope and allows you to connect to over 400 devices. It also has a user friendly, visceral interface.

 3) Wahoo Fitness


Good all round fitness app that works well with others allowing users to connect to other Wahoo apps or 3rd party apps including Strava, Map my Fitness, Training Peaks and My Fitness Pal. Works inside and easily pairs with Bluetooth sensors. Detailed app for the more tech savvy that features 8 pages of customisable pages of data on speed, power, heart rate and has inbuilt GPS map.

 4) St. John Ambulance


A valuable app that provides cyclists vital first aid information. Guiding you through first aid treatment for a range of common cycling-related injuries with step-by-step instructions and diagrams as well as advising on what to do in the case of a serious emergency.

 5) Bike Doctor


An easy to follow useful little app for those new to cycling that provides useful information on maintaining, servicing and fixing your bike.


Other apps that are worth a look include, Motivo, a highly rated training app, Google Maps, BBC Weather, CycleTracksGPS, CycleHire, FillthatHole, app that allows you to report potholes and road defects direct to the local authority and RiderState – Strava meets Foursquare, a fun app that turns cycling into a game.

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