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Cycleplan wins cycling insurance comparison contest

Here at Cycleplan, we’re very proud to announce that we have come out considerably cheaper than our competitors in a recent cycling insurance comparison done by London Cyclist.

What is London Cyclist?

‘London Cyclist is a blog that exists to make your everyday cycle that bit more enjoyable. It is there for anyone who cycles in London or anywhere in the world. Through London Cyclist you get fantastic articles that encourage you to cycle more often and explore more of London. You also get to connect with fellow cyclists and exchange tips, ideas and stories.’

Cycling insurance comparison:

Each cycling insurer started on a level playing field with each hypothetically owning:

  • £1000 bike
  • £150 worth of accessories (lock, lights, mudguards etc)
  • I tend to leave my bike in my house and at work in a secure garage. Once a week I leave my bike overnight in London, when I go out for after work drinks (Around 14 hours)
  • Own a sold secure gold rated bike lock – The Kryptonite New York 3000
  • Have receipts for bike, lock, accessories
  • Occasionally take part in cycling events

Insurers tested, in order of price:

Cycleguard Bike Insurance:£130 per year

ETA Bicycle Insurance:£129.43 per year

BikMo Plus Cycle Insurance:£106 per year

E&L Cycle Cover:£100.32 per year

Protect Your Bubble Bike Insurance:£95.88 per year

Cycleplan:£62 per year< At £62 this was the one of the best quotes I received, but the coverage is basic, with the option of upgrading to more options such as worldwide travel and an excess waiver.

For policies worth more than £100, you are able to pay monthly, without incurring any additional fees.

Key points:

  • New for old for bikes up to three years old, then a deduction is made for wear and tear.
  • Worldwide cover, competition cover and personal accident cover is extra
  • Excess of £25 or 5% of the claim value – whichever is higher
  • Cover extends to family members, living at the same location<
  • Bike can be left for up to 12 hours and still be insured and 24 hours at a train station.

Visit our homepage or click the following link for an instant cycling insurance quote.

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