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Cycling Bags for your Christmas List

Not many activities test a bag like cycling. Cycling bags have to distribute weight evenly, protect your gear from weather and road grit, and stay comfortable while you’re moving.

The growing number of cyclists on the road means that more and more cycling bags are being thoughtfully-designed. We’ve picked out our favourites that are on the market – if you’re quick there’s definitely time to sneak one of them onto your Christmas list!

1. Ortlieb Commuter Daypack City

Granted, this backpack by Ortlieb has been designed with practicality in mind, rather than attractiveness… but we think it has its own charm! Perfect for the city commuter, it has back padding with ventilation channels, meaning you can avoid getting into work with a sweaty back.

It has all the features that make cycling rucksacks so practical – reflective strips, loops to attach a backlight, a handy external zip pocket and removable breast and waist straps. But, as we touched on earlier, if you want to be the face of commuter fashion, this bag might not be for you.

Cycling bags

2. The North Face Access Pack

It doesn’t happen very often but occasionally backpack designers get creative – and our next pick of top cycling bags is a perfect example of this. If you often find yourself having to cycle with your gadgets in tow, The North Face Access Pack is the backpack for you. Every zip, pouch, and pulley is designed with a particular gadget in mind.

Check out this video and witness the pack in action for yourself:

3. Brick Lane Bikes Saddle Bag

If you’re a cyclist that travels light, the Brick Lane Bikes Saddle Bag is the best option for you. Using two straps to simply secure to your saddle, it can be removed in seconds, giving you easy access to its contents.

If you’re bike handy, it’s ideal for carrying spare tubes and multi-tools as well as your keys, phone, or anything else that could weigh your pockets down. Plus, it adds serious style points to your commuting bike!

Cycling bags

4. Braasi Rolltop Backpack Orange

Managing to combine both practicality and style with their Rolltop Backpack in Orange, Braasi has created the ultimate backpack for the urban cyclist. This spacious backpack range is handmade in Prague, with the urban cyclist in mind.

Its roll top design allows you to close it securely with no danger of water getting in. The padded back and straps ensure you have ultimate comfort as you ride, and the leather base adds durability while giving the bag a great look – a great addition to any Christmas list!

Cycling bags

5. Henty Wingman Backpack

The last pick of our favourite cycling bags is the Henty Wingman Backpack. Most commuter backpacks cater solely to cyclists who keep their suit at the office, since stuffing your finest suit into a backpack is not a great idea.

For those of you who need to carry a suit with them on their bike, the Henty Wingman is your best bet. Its clever roll-up design keeps your clothes clean and wrinkle-free, and it has plenty of room for the other items you need to take to the office each day. Check out its clever design in action:

If one of these cycling bags takes your fancy, then make sure you get them on your Christmas list as soon as possible – you don’t want any disappointment on Christmas day!

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