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Becoming Bike Handy: Cycleplan’s Top 5 Cycling Hacks

Everyone likes to make their life as easy as possible – and why should your cycling life be any different? Just like every way of life, cycling can come with its own set of problems. That’s why, here at Cycleplan, we’ve collected our 5 favourite cycling hacks to help you and your bike out.

1. Plastic cash

This might sound like a weird one – but bear with us! The plastic five-pound note – and of course the new ten-pound note – make for great temporary patches if you somehow find yourself on the side of the road with a big slash down your tire.

A folded-up banknote placed between the inner tube and the tear in the tire can be enough to prevent the tube from coming out of the tire and bursting – at least long enough to get you home!
Cycling hacks

2. Bar tape

Bar tape will already be an everyday part of your cycling life. However, wrapping two lots of bar tape around your handlebars, instead of one, will make your ride a lot gentler on your hands when absorbing the impact from the road beneath.

A cheaper – but still effective – option is using an old inner tube underneath your existing tape and around your bars. Make sure to remove the stem and cut the tube to the appropriate length first. This will not only give the old inner tubes a new lease of life but also will save you using up your valuable bar tape.

Cycling Hacks
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3. Newspaper

Don’t worry – cycling hack number 3 isn’t reading a newspaper whilst cycling! Newspaper can, in fact, be a lifesaver to prevent your cycling shoes from starting to stink.

Once you’ve finished your ride, remove the insole of your cycling shoes and stuff crumpled-up newspaper inside to absorb any moisture from your ride.

Newspaper can absorb a surprising amount of water, so make sure to change the paper every few hours. This cycling hack will not only prevent your cycling shoes from smelling, it means you’re putting your feet into a nice dry shoe before your next ride.

Cycling hacks

4. Washing-up liquid

Turns out, washing up liquid isn’t just for dirty dishes. Washing up liquid can be a great way of cutting through any bike grease stains that you might have got on your jersey. In fact, Fairy Liquid is even the soap of choice for rescue workers cleaning up animals after an oil spill.

So, next time you accidentally wipe your hands on your jersey after dealing with a dropped chain, just pre-treat the stain with washing up liquid. Next, throw it in the wash and the stain should be a thing of the past!

5. Specialist bike insurance

Perhaps one of the biggest cycling hacks of all is specialist cycling insurance. With so much that can go wrong during a ride, it’s simply not worth getting on the saddle uninsured.

Cycleplan can protect cyclists against potential danger on the roads. If you’re concerned about getting into an accident – our personal accident cover will provide compensation for broken limbs, right the up to permanent disability, or even death.

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  • James

    I’m gonna try the cycling shoes hack, haha. I bike to work everyday in a hot place so the stink becomes a problem. I had never thought of dealing with it this way.

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