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Cycleplan quiz unveils preferences of over 1,400 cyclists

Have you taken part in our What kind of cyclist are you? quiz yet? Over 1,400 cyclists have so far! Here are some interesting statistics we’ve uncovered by analysing the results.

Almost half (47%) of our entrants came out as a ‘Serious Contender’. They might not be at Tour de France level (yet), but they’re certainly out on their bikes at every opportunity they get! And somewhat surprisingly, considering the number of people you see commuting by bike – only 5% came out as a ‘Committed Commuter’.

42% say they save up their cycling time for long weekend rides. These ‘Weekend Warriors’ are passionate about their cycling, and their gadgets too, and occasionally stop off at the nearest pub during their weekend ride.

These 1,400 quiz participants are a hardy bunch. A whopping 93% said they don’t stop cycling when it rains, which is not that surprising considering the UK has 133 days of rain or snow a year! Notably, only 7% of our total admit that they head for the nearest café or pub when the heavens open.

Almost 40% said they would like to share a tandem bike with our world champion ambassador, Lizzie Armitstead, whereas only 6% said they would like to share a tandem with the former Mayor of London, Boris Johnson!

A little over half of participants started cycling as a child, which just goes to show how important it is to get kids riding a bike.

When we asked quiz takers what their favourite thing about cycling is, a whopping 72% stated that being in the great outdoors is the thing they like most. On the other hand, only 3% said that cycle lanes are their favourite aspect. Given the feeling of relief you get when you see a cycle lane near a busy junction, we’re surprised that figure is so low!

If you want to find out what kind of cyclist you are, click here to take the quiz!

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