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Becoming Bike Handy: Cycleplan’s Top 5 Cycling Hacks

Everyone likes to make their life as easy as possible – and why should your cycling life be any different? Just like every way of life, cycling can come with its own set of problems. That’s why, here at Cycleplan, we’ve collected our 5 favourite cycling hacks to help you and your bike out. 1.…

Cycling in the Rain: Beat the Elements

cycling in the rain

The downside of living in the UK is that you can face cycling in the rain throughout the year, but you don’t want to shelve your bike every time it rains – especially if you rely on your bike for your daily commute. That’s why, here at Cycleplan, we’ve listed our top 5 tips for staying…

Insuring Safety: The Risks of Road Racing

Cycling Accidents

It’s easy to presume that just because you have a helmet on, your cycle journey should be risk-free. However, even your average commute to work isn’t without its fair share of danger, let alone the risks faced by those competing in road races, such as the gold-standard – UCI Road World Championships. We’ve looked at…

Five Of The Most Exciting New Cycling Safety Accessories

Cycling regularly can be stressful. Riding beside lorries and buses, and being mindful of blind spots are just some examples of the issues cyclists face on Britain’s roads. Thankfully, there are several new start-up companies inventing cycling safety accessories utilising the latest technology to help make cycling easier and safer. Here are five of the best…

Why do you need specialist cycle insurance?

Here at Cycleplan, we understand the risks faced by cyclists on a daily basis. Unfortunately, theft, loss, damage and accidents can and do happen on a regular basis. We’ve put this blog together to outline the risks that make specialist cycle insurance a must-have for all cyclists. Take bike theft, for example. 376,000 bikes are stolen annually…

Picking the perfect children’s bike

children's bike

Pretty colours, smart stickers, TV or movie branding, perhaps tassels on the handlebars or baskets on the back. These are all things that will entice you and your kids when it comes to picking the perfect children’s bike, but they’re all things that are mostly irrelevant to the bike’s performance and suitability.

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