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Five Bike Theft Techniques That Prove The Need For Quality Bike Locks

The average cyclist normally assumes that bolt cutters are the only tool in a bike thief’s armoury. That’s why cable locks which are susceptible to bolt cutters are falling in popularity. But sadly, new bike theft techniques mean that even the popular “D-lock” design is not invincible, which is why it’s important cyclists use high-quality,…

These UK cycle crime statistics make essential reading for cyclists

Ever had your bike stolen? The chances are, if you haven’t had a bike stolen yourself, you’ll know someone that has. According to crime data, 376,000 bicycles are stolen every year in the UK. This works out at about one bike stolen every 90 seconds. So count yourself lucky if you haven’t fallen victim to…

5 reasons why students need cycle insurance

Every year in the UK around 500,000 cycles are stolen – that’s one every minute. Mistakenly, many cyclists assume their bikes are protected under household contents insurance, and it’s only when they make a claim that they discover there are limitations to this. To avoid these shortcomings it makes sense to take out specialist cycling…

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