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Bike theft prevention tip: take photographs and record the bike’s details

As soon as you’ve purchased your new bike, take a photograph and keep somewhere safe a record of the frame serial number, make, colour, model, and any distinguishing features. This information will be of vital help to the police in recovering your bike or in the case of having to make an insurance claim, will make the process quick and easy.

It’s also advisable to keep proof of ownership in the form of an original sales purchase, till receipt or other evidence which clearly demonstrates ownership, showing date, price paid and general details of its purchase.

Sadly, bike theft is shockingly prevalent in the UK. 376,000 bikes are stolen in the UK every year, according to official statistics.

In this environment, insurance has an important role to play in giving peace of mind to cyclists. Visit our homepage or click the following link to get bike theft insurance cover from Cycleplan today.

World Champion road cyclist and Cycleplan ambassador Lizzie Armitstead explains why the problem of bike theft makes cycle insurance a must:

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