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5 of the best cycling apps for iPhone and Android

In this day and age, you would be a fool to ignore some of the technology that is available. Especially for cyclists who find themselves out and about with barely any belongings other than yourself, you’re cycling equipment and your mobile phone (highly likely to be a smartphone). The Apple App Store and the Android Market are absolutely bursting with free apps that will make life as a cyclist easier.

Here we have brought you five of the best cycling related apps to help out with everything associated with a cycling ride:

BBC Weather

bbc weather

iPhone/Android – Free

Whether you’re a fair weather cyclist that only plays out in the warm sunshine, or a hard-core one that relishes the adverse weather conditions, you definitely check the weather once, twice or even three times before the ride takes place. We’ve found that no matter how good the app or weather forecast, sometimes Mother Nature just doesn’t want to play the game! But as they come, the BBC Weather app is very easy to use and as accurate as weather forecasts come.


Bike Hub Cycle Journey Planner

journey planner

iPhone/Android – Free

Ever got lost when out on a ride? I think you’re lying to me and yourself if the answer in your head right now is no! So this app is absolutely perfect even if you do believe that you know everywhere that you’re riding.

The Bike Hub Cycle Journey Planner does exactly what it says, it plans cycle journeys and plots a route from where you select to start and finish. The planner avoids dual carriageways and motorways for obvious reasons and tries to take you down cycle paths and permitted paths. You also get the choice when picking your route whether you’d like the quickest or quietest route and also there is an option to avoid hills, where possible!


St John Ambulance First Aid for Cyclists

st johns

iPhone/Android – Free

This free app is one of those that you’d be rather happy if you never used it. The St John Ambulance app guides you through step-by-step instructions of how to deliver first aid for a range of common cycling-related injuries. The app deals with a wide range of injuries and has diagrams that will allow you to treat yourself or others wherever it may be that you get an injury.


Fill That Hole


iPhone/Android – Free

There aren’t many cycling journeys you can have without experiencing several potholes on the way. And up until this free beauty of an app came out, there wasn’t really anyway of reporting the tyre wreckers! The app was designed by National Cyclists Charity CTC, and allows you to report the location of potholes by uploading a photo which will then forwarded onto the relevant local authority in the hope it will be fixed.




iPhone/Android – Free

Strava is most probably the most used cycling app available. The main function of the app is GPS but it also has several helpful ride along functions which you can then upload onto your personal online Strava profile. The app tracks stats as you go including; time, speed and the distance that you have riden. Once you’ve finished each ride, you can see other stats such as calories burned and elevation ridden.



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  • Chris

    Oh Strava, you addictive little app you. I love the segments, it’s a great way to track your progress. Although I did get a few PBs and KOMs when I swapped my old alloys for carbon wheels, which I suppose proves having the right kit is just as important!

    Reply to Chris

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