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5 Cycling Must-Haves to Brighten up your Winter


With winter drawing in and the darkness falling earlier each day, it’s easy to lose a little bit of the love you have for your bicycle. Of course, a solid winter bike, warm clothing, and bike lights can all help to improve your winter riding experience. However, sometimes you need a little extra boost to…

The Craziest Cycling Guinness World Records

World records

From the ‘tallest mohawk’ to the ‘longest handshake’, there’s pretty much a world record for everything and cycling is no different. We’ve collected our 5 favourite weird and wonderful cycling world records for you to enjoy – we don’t fancy our chances at beating any of them though… 1. The longest bicycle in the world…

Becoming Bike Handy: How to fix a puncture

Excited to take advantage of the crisp winter air with a bike ride? Before taking on the roads, make sure you’re prepared in case something doesn’t go to plan. For inexperienced cyclists, fixing a puncture can be a daunting prospect. So, here’s Cycleplan’s simple guide to fixing a puncture – saving you both time and…

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